Today started off with a bang, 8:00 AM sharp our volunteer from Germany, Nadia, showed up to work. Shortly after that, approved adopter Walter came to adopt Dabney and Nicholas. When he first came to NorCal, he was planning on just adopting Nicholas, but once he learned what great friends Nicholas and Dabney were, he just had to adopt them both. Thanks for giving them a great home!

Today was a very busy day, volunteers Deb and Becky came out and helped evaluate many of the auction horses. They worked solid from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm! The horses really enjoyed the human interaction, you could see it in their faces, and Deb, Becky, Nadia and Tawnee had a lot of fun too. Of course by the end of the day they were utterly exhausted…

Home at Last, the local retirement facility, came down and took some new horses into their program. They planned on coming down just to get Pilgrim, but by the time they left they had a total of 4! These are horses that really needed a place to live out their lives in peace and happiness. Pilgrim is going to stay in our retirement program but will live at Home at Last. Home at Last was the retirement facility that took Randy the pony, and they gave a report that he is doing great. He is eating 6-7 watered down senior feed meals a day, as he only has 3 teethe, and he has gained about 30 lbs so far.

We got an update on Cathy and her girls and their adopted horses. They are doing really great and are loving their horses more and more each day. Dakota Boy is gaining weight and is feeling so good he is even cantering by himself in the pasture at times.

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