Today Nadia showed up right on schedule at 8:00, and then headed out to investigate a report of abuse that had been submitted to our website. She could find no evidence of abuse, so she headed back to the rescue.
When Nadia got back to the rescue, she and Tawnee headed out to pick up some horses in the Bay Area.
Deb came out again today and evaluated several horses. Here is the Morgan mare being ridden, but she’s already in adoption pending. Jason helped Deb evaluate horses and did many other chores today. Ann Marie came out as well and cleaned stalls and did general tidying up. She is such a great help!

Tawnee and Nadia did some adoption followups and stopped by to visit Preston. He is doing great and is gaining weight nicely!

Then it was off to see Rowdy and Prairie. Wow, are they ever looking great! Fat, sleek and healthy, they are almost unrecognizable from the scrawny sickly looking yearlings that were rescued back in March. Yes, they are growing, both of them are almost 16 hands already.

Tawnee and Nadia stopped by to see if Tawnee’s previous work in convincing Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to cease feeding murdered horses to their tigers and other large cats had done any good. Unfortunately, we have to report that they are still feeding horses to their big cats! Many Zoo’s and other large game keepers have switched from horse meat, and yet Six Flags tenaciously hangs on to this cruel and barbaric practice. They claim to be all about conservation and the animals, and yet when it comes down to it, they don’t care what kind of pets they feed their tigers, and they support the cruelty of horse slaughter. In California, horses are legally pets afforded the same protection as dogs and cats. Too bad no law enforcement agency is enforcing the laws…

From Six Flags it was off to pick up the 3 horses for Tawnee and Nadia. It was cold and windy over by the coast today, quite a change from the 100 degree weather we’ve been having here at the rescue!

Less than a mile from the turnoff on Hwy 70 to get back to the rescue, someone had an accident which completely blocked the road, forcing Tawnee and Nadia to take a long detour which made them to get back an hour later or so. At least the day went by with no flat tires to get them behind schedule!

Long after dark Tawnee and Nadia finally made it back to the rescue with their precious cargo of sweet horses. They are settled in and feeling quite happy and loved.

Hopefully, we can figure out a way to encourage Six Flags to cease feeding our horse friends to tigers! They had a donkey or two they would lead around to let the kids pet, wonder if they are on tomorrows menu? Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

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