Nadia came out this morning and did a lot of cleanup, socializing with the horses, and generally having a great time while Tawnee worked feverishly on Petfinder.

Regal was surrendered into our rescue. We will be evaluating him to determine the best course for his future. His owner was no longer able to provide proper care for him due to the current economical condition, so she made the right choice in surrendering him to us instead of sending him off to an auction or selling him to a killer buyer.

Nadia and Tawnee evaluated horses for most of the day. There was lots of grooming and settling in of the newest arrivals. After doing as many evaluations as they could in the heat, they headed out to Gridley to take pictures of each of the horses there for Petfinder. If you look on our available page, many of the horses have pages that have been updated and there are new pictures. Levi really took a liking to Nadia!

The horses are all doing great, we are working through picking out the perfect names that their donors sent us.

The faces of the horses that experienced abuse are healing, spirits are raising and they are starting to really enjoy life once again.

The faces of the young are looking into the future with high hopes, knowing that at NorCal Equine Rescue they are safe! It is so neat to have been able to save mommy’s and baby’s, and the other horses, at the last auction, from an unknown future at the hands of cruel and heartless people.

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