Another horse was surrendered to our rescue today. Katie is a 20 year old registered QH mare, registered name “Hoo Doo the Baptist.” She is going to be evaluated soon to see what her abilities are. She’s a pretty girl!

Rusty was adopted today to some great previous adopters. They adopted Bomber and Lassen from way back when, and they’re still doing great. They decided to add another horse to the family, and they fell in love with Rusty. The only problem is, their cats name is Rusty also, so, someone will have to give up their name or there may be confusion!

Tawnee and Nadia showed horses all morning and then this afternoon they headed over to Gridley to get Nadia’s horses and some of the Roseville auction horses back to the main rescue. When we arrived, there was a group of happy horses waiting for us! Three of Nadia’s horses didn’t want to be caught, and in a 10 acre pasture that can be a little difficult. In the end, they all got loaded and came back safely.

Here is Nadia’s little Palamino mare, peaking out of our trailer, her first glimpse of the rescue. She is such a pretty girl!

Tawnee took more pictures of the available horses for Petfinder. During the photography session, Tawnee couldn’t help but take this picture of Arrow and Katie dancing. They sure had fun in the pen goofing off.

Before you scroll down any further, can you guess who this horse is? He’s a beautiful, yet still thin, gelding who’s zest for life has returned.

It’s Navajo! He came to us from Animal Control May 21st. He is looking so much better! Click here for his rescue story.

We did some math today, and the results are outstanding. 111 equines have been rescued since Navajo came to us back on May 21st. If you do the math that’s one and a half horses rescued a day and over 50 a month! The total rescued equines this year is 227! Last years grand total for the whole year was 234 equines saved in the entire 2007 calendar year. This year is definitely busier than ever. And that is thanks entirely to supporters like you, thank you so much for touching so many horses lives.

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