Today started off with Tawnee showing horses, which included evaluating one of the horses while being showed to the potential adopter. In the end she chose to place an adoption hold on Comet, seen below with Tawnee riding him.

Nadia worked very hard all day in the blazing sun cleaning, evaluating horses, helping Tawnee and overall being very useful. We sure are going to miss her when she leaves next week!

Nadia enjoyed riding her horses that she saved at the Orland auction, and she and Tawnee went for a nice trail ride by the river to beat the heat. On the trail ride Nadia said “One of my dreams has come true, going for a trail ride in America on my own horse!” We’re glad we could help you reach your dreams!

This is a picture of one of the horses that was saved from a feedlot earlier this year. When she was rescued she had her fuzzy winter coat on. When she shedded out into her summer coat, a beautiful hear appeared on her rump. Her adopter says that God put it there to let the world know how sweet she is.

You may be wondering what Jason has been doing the last few days as he is rarely mentioned in the blog. As is usual, the one that does the hard daily chores hardly ever gets the publicity. Fences have been maintained, miles driven, bookwork done, hay has been fed, waters kept filled, all without a repetitious daily word of acknowledgement. Jason, we greatly appreciate all that you do, keep up the hard work!

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