Today about 15 people were out which made the day, as typical on a Sunday, busy! Deb came out and evaluated horses and Nadia spent her last day at the rescue. Pictured below is the Tennessee Walker, name of Brecc. He is a super sweet boy, he is trained to ride and is good on the trails. His adoption fee is $650.

Nadia said “Goodbye” to the horses she saved at the auction. She was so happy to have spent time here at the rescue and to be an integral part of saving horses lives! She donated three of them to NorCal Equine Rescue…

…and number 4 she gave to Deb, our trainer! Nadia was very impressed by Deb’s patience, understanding, love and skill in working with the horses, and wanted to show her appreciation for all Deb does for us.

And then the time came when Nadia had to say “Goodbye” to everyone and drive away. We really hope she chooses to visit us again! It was really great having her help and enouragment.

About mid afternoon we started noticing a huge column of smoke rising over the hill. The fire is burning away from the rescue and is many miles away, but it is still concerning to have yet another fire burning in our county. For those that know the area, the fire is burning east of Lake Oroville. It was a little alarming when we first noticed the smoke as it was hard to see how far away from us it was. We made the call to the fire department to see if we needed to start evacuating our horses, but thankfully we did not. So far we haven’t been called out to evacuate others horses either. The fire is heading towards Berry Creek, so at least if we do get called out we know where all the horses are at…

There was lots of adoption holds placed on horses today even though no one left. As of early afternoon all the emails are officially caught up once again, so if you need a reply and didn’t get one, please write back! With all the horses we are rescuing on an almost daily basis, and with all the phone calls, it is very hard for Jason and Tawnee to keep up on emails so please be patient! Or just keep emailing and calling, the squeaky wheel gets the grease…

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