Today was the last hay day for awhile. Early this morning Jason rented the flatbed and made an early run down to get a load. He had a little help unloading from Justin, his 3 year old son!

Tawnee went with Jason to get the last load of the 450 bales, here is Jason loading on the very last bale. It is such good hay and the horses are just loving it.

Annette came out today, it’s been awhile since we have seen her last! She has been on a vacation, but she is ready to begin volunteering regularly again. Diamond really enjoyed having a shower with the hose.

Tawnee got another e-news written up and sent out today. It seems that this months auction rescue has come upon us quicker than usual! It is on August 10th, just 5 days away! We currently have no funds to rescue with, but, we know that you will donate what you can to save lives. As we still have a lot of horses from last month our goal this month is $5000 for the rescue and care of auction horses. We simply cannot let the Killer Buyers have their way, fill up their trailers and drive away from the auction with greed in their eyes. Please help the horses if you can!

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