Since our e-news went out last night asking for donations to save horses from the upcoming auction, we have received a matching pledge of $2500 from All Roads Communication and $1470 in donations! The match will be added at the day of the auction.

Jason headed out at 8:30 to take Pegasi, Lola and Rowan to their new home many many miles away. It was about a 540 mile round trip.

Their new mommy really loves them, she just couldn’t stop praising Pegasi on how incredibly cute he is! She is utterly in love with them all. She donated Jake, an approximately 9 year old gelding that was not fitting in with their family. He is an arena horse, and they ride trails. She donated him to us in hopes that we can find him that perfect home where he can do what he loves to do.

On the way back Jason passed by a fire that was starting up. Pegasi and friends adopter was about 1 mile from the Basin Complex fire which burned over 100,000 acres in Ca, it just seems fires are everywhere and affecting every community.

The sunsets are really beautiful here at the rescue. Especially with the light smoke in the air they are really brings out the reds. We hope the horses enjoy it at much as we do.

Jason and Jake got back long after dark, but Jake is settled in and happy. With over 13 hours of driving Jason was just exhausted when they got back. Fortunately no flat tires or other trouble on the entire drive!

Back in Oct of 2007 we rescued 10 babies from a feedlot where they had been orphaned.

One of them was this cute palomino colt who had chocolate dots throughout his coat, he was really adorable!
We got an update on him today, and he is doing great! He is quite a flashy looking guy and the first chocolate dotted palomino we have ever seen. Here is the link to his adoption blog entry – Click Here.

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