Thanks to all of your support $5,561 has been raised for the auction rescue! In only 2 days the funds needed to rescue and care for auction horses has been raised. You have all taken a huge burden off our backs and have allowed us to focus on our daily tasks of caring for the horses that you read about each day on the blog. Thank you so much to everyone that donated what they could, and a special thank you to Tina G for topping off the fundraiser and a big Thank You to All Roads Communication for matching the donations! All you guys are totally the best and most loving supporters in the horse rescue world.

Tawnee headed out to Gridley early this morning to pick up Major, formerly known as 707. He was taken to the vet for a pre-adoption exam.

Ranger is still at the vet, but he has recently had his stringhalt surgery. He is doing really good, we are optimistic that he will be fully recovered.

The vet tells us that he should be up and going within a few weeks and we will be able to start taking him on rides. He needs to gain weight and build muscle tone, but thanks to donors like you we were able to give him this surgery that will give him his life back. We are so thankful that we were able to save him from being shot and hauled away and instead can give him a beautiful life ahead of him.

Major turned out to be great, but he does have an old bowed tendon that makes him great for trail riding, but not for jumping that his adopter was wanting him for, so she has chosen to put an adoption hold on Jake instead. Major is a great horse and the vet tells us that he will be fine for trail riding, just the strain of jumping would not be good for him.

Nikkers and Joey were adopted together today and transported to their new home. They are so loved and spoiled and have a 5 acre pasture with a creek running through it. We called up their (Nikkers and Joey) who surrendered them into the Last Act of Kindness program to let them know we had found a home, and they were so thrilled! We just made their week. That’s the wonderful thing about the LAK program, their previous owner was unable to care for them anymore, and the only other real option was euthanasia, and yet we were able to find them a home where they will be loved forever. Even if we cannot find a horse that is surrendered into the LAK program a home, at least we gave them a great chance.

While Tawnee was on the way to the vet she heard an add on the radio about Ace Hardware giving back. It’s called “New Faces for Helpful Places.” The basic premise is, they will award $10,000 worth of improvements to help 10 different non-profits have better structures. Well, we sure could use a nice tack room before winter…

…our current tack/feed room is an almost elegant looking carport from Cosco. It has served the job well, but it is getting older and the tarping on one side is ripped apart and will surely allow rain and moisture in this winter if not fixed or replaced. Last winter it did its job pretty good, but we’ve had a lot of wind and it’s ripped apart. The potential water damage this winter from the rips is devastating to think about, as a lot of grain and tack could be destroyed during rainstorms. Please, if you feel inspired, visit their website at: http://www.acehelpfulplaces.com/ and nominate NorCal Equine Rescue for a tack room makeover! You can find all needed information on our website, on the left side on the bottom.

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