Annette and Kimmy came down today for a whole afternoon and into the evening of cleaning the office. There were literally thousands of papers that had to be filed into their appropriate locations. It’s looking really good in here, thank you!

Before Tawnee became trapped doing office work she showed horses to potential adopters this morning. They have some interest but are waiting to make sure they have the perfect match. For all you hundreds of people that call into Norcal, now you know where Tawnee sits while she talks on the phone. That is before the cleaning was finished…

Wow, look at the statistics below! 621 equines saved by NorCal Equine Rescue since 2003, and 228 so far this year! Last year, the entire fiscal year, we rescued 234 equines, so we are most likely going to pass up last years number this Sunday, the auction day. What a great year it has been thanks to your support.

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