Early this morning Tawnee headed out to deliver Sunny to his new home before going to the auction.
Deb came out to show Blueberry to some potential adopters and to evaluate more horses. Blueberry is leery of people, and they worked slowly and gently to gain his trust. They are still wanting to adopt him after spending a couple hours with him.

Sunny was taken to the meeting place to go home with Mayleen. Mayleen is in the process of training Pouncy for us. She is a 4h leader and will be hopefuly matching Sunny with one of the 4h students in her program.

Then it was off to the auction to rescue as many horses as possible where Tawnee met up with Becky and her husband. The picture below is one of the horses we saved.

We saved a total of 16 horses with the funds raised! Tawnee and group headed out to find them after the auction, there was about 35 horses total at the auction today. So yet again we rescued about half of them. We are very thankful that there were not more horses there for the kb’s to take to slaughter. Please enjoy the pictures below of the horses that were rescued.

This mule looks a lot like Cowboy, so we’re going to be calling her “Cowgirl” in memory of Cowboy.

This poor little guy doesn’t seem to be feeling good at all, we’re not sure if he has been drugged or what his whole story is.

He has fungus type skin disease all over his body, but especially on his legs.

Yes, we got mostly dark bay’s this month, everything seems to go in waves… The below mare might just have a little surprise growing inside, we’re not sure if she’s just been a broodmare too many times, a hay belly or if it’s growing.

This miniature donkey is just too adorable, cute and well mannered! He is fully in tact, so, he will be visiting the vet soon.

Becky and her husband were a great help sorting through the horses and taking them out to our waiting trailer.

The killer buyers this month were unfortunately able to take some horses out to their trailers. One of them was this beautiful 4 year old TB gelding that Ronny ran through the auction, but the reserve was at the meat price. This TB has only been off the race track for 3 or 4 weeks. It was breaking Tawnee’s heart seeing these horses being loaded to their death, so she mustered up her courage and headed over and bought the horse pictured below from Ronny Biggons. This lucky horse will not be facing the horrible fate of brutal slaughter thanks to supporters like you.

It was really hard watching horses being loaded into the KB’s trailers, for the last three months they have pretty much gone away with empty trailers, but with the lack of space and funds, we were unable to completely stop the KB’s from taking horses away. We would have much rather have been able to bring them into the Last Act of Kindness program then to allow them to be sent off to their doom.

It was time to concentrate on our own horses that were safe and get them loaded up for the ride to the rescue. There are still 6 at the auction as we didn’t have room for everyone in this trip.

Tawnee got back to the rescue right about sunset. It was a nice change from the typical pitch black 9-10 pm time she usually gets back from the auction at.

The horses were waiting patiently to be unloaded into their nice clean stalls with fresh food and water.

Tawnee is going to be interviewed on a local radio station tomorrow, Monday the 11th, on KZFR from 5:30 to 6:00. Anyone can listen online, http://www.kzfr.org/ Hopefully it’s a resounding success, so don’t‘ forget to tune in either online or on the radio at 90.1 FM.

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