Fairly early Tawnee headed down to Roseville to pick up the remaining 6 equines. They were happily waiting to hop into the trailer for the ride back to the rescue. They got right in the trailer, easier than the first group, and arrived safely.

Jason practically squealed with delight when the little mini donkey looked at him with his big eyes and long ears. What a cute little guy!

The horses were definitely happy to be here at the rescue, this guy took his time getting out, but there was no rush. He just wanted to look and look, making sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him, yes, he really was at the rescue after all!

Tawnee’s radio interview was a great success, you can listen to it online by clicking here. Jason was able to record it onto the office computer, edit it down to about 4 megabytes and upload it for your listening pleasure. Many thanks to KZFR and Sharon North for helping to spread the word about the needs of horses.

Sadly, while Tawnee was at the Radio Station, the sickly paint colt from Sunday’s auction passed away peacefully. He knew that he was safe, loved and cared for, and he just laid down and fell asleep very peacefully. He was actually paid for by a person attending the auction, and then given to NorCal Equine Rescue. We are so glad that this poor little guy did not die unloved in a feedlot waiting to be shipped for slaughter.

We received a great update on Charlie Boy, one of the skinniest horses we have ever had in our rescue. He is doing absolutely great! Thanks for taking such good care and loving this sweet boy so much Carly!

Here is a picture of Charlie when he first came into our rescue, back in Oct 2005. He was an 8 year old TB that was at a boarding stable. Not all boarding stables are ran equally well.

Rescuing horses like Charlie Boy is extremely rewarding, watching them fill out, the life come back into their eyes, and then placing them in such great homes.

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