Tawnee showed horses today to potential adopters. It’s looking like we may have a new volunteer and some potential adoptions coming right up!
Kimmy and Annette came this afternoon. Annette ran errands for the rescue, so she left Kimmy who did a masterful job of harrowing one of the pens. Looks like an old pro did it! Other than the squiggly lines everywhere, but she did great for the first time with minimal instructions.

Oops, did those two plop down and die?

No, there’s a little life in them… Some more interest in life is starting to appear…

Should we really get up?

I think I’ll sit here and figure it out… Two of the horses from the auction sacked out in the round pen in the sun and enjoyed life, just taking it easy and working on their summer tans. They had a stressful weekend and it was good for them to relax in the sun. It’s nice to see the horses feeling comfortable enough to lay down and feel at peace.

“Dinky Donkey” was placed in adoption pending today. He has to go to the vet first for that very important ‘no future family allowed’ surgery. And then, he’ll be heading to his new home.

There were people here pretty much all day long from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm. It’s always good having potential adopters checking out the horses for potential forever match.

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