Jason headed up to the mountains where the sky is bluer and the trees are greener early this morning. During the fires when we evacuated so many horses, we became good friends with one of the horses owners, and they donated a huge water tank to provide a reserve so the horses always have high pressure water for showers. As you know, the summer has been long and dry, and the well is making enough water for drinking, but it would be great to be able to give horses showers and other ‘excessive use of water’ things too. Tawnee had to pull the plug, the water plug, on her garden as there just wasn’t enough extra water. Watering the horses is far more important than tomato’s and garlic. In a matter of a few days the beautiful green garden was a dry patch of dead weeds. So this tank will be a huge blessing.

Jason got the tank down to the rescue where the sky and trees are pale. He backed it up masterfully between all the trees.

And using his hay tossing muscles, flipped the tank off the trailer all by himself…

And stood it right up. The black tank is our old storage tank, it was a 350 gallon. It could only fill about 2 water troughs at a time…

Tawnee was in the office all day working on Petfinder. She did manage to make it outside to take pictures of the tank being set and see some of the auction horses enjoying life!

Tawnee entered data into our Petfinder database all day, about 400 entries. We are completely up to date from 2003 until now. You can see all the previous rescues from years past by clicking here. It is a huge page and will take some time to load. There is a special place under the Happy Tails that says “Adoption Stories, Coming soon!” We are looking for adoption stories from people that have adopted a horse (or other equine) from us and would like to share some recent pictures and updates. Please send them in!

Tawnee also got all the available horses updated and did some changes to the available page. Click here. There are 54 available equines right now! They all really need homes, so please spread the word. There are 12 currently in adoption / rehab.

Millie the mule, who we rescued from the auction back in July, is doing great in her home. Here is an updated picture of her. She is so happy looking and her adopter just loves her.

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  1. First Comment 🙂 I really like this site–its very kind to help horses and I would really like to buy one when I can sell my house.

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