Today was a hot, sunny 105 degree day, so not a lot of work was done outside during the hottest time. Annette and Kimmy came down and cleaned stalls, did office work and just helped out a lot. While Annette was cleaning Pinky’s pen…

Pinky calmly reached over to Annette and bit her as she was leaning over shoveling manure. We’re not sure of Pinky’s reasoning, she has always been a sweet mellow girl. She has trouble seeing, so maybe she thought Annette’s shirt was hay? Never the less, she left a huge softball size bite that quickly became swollen on poor Annette’s back. Each of the dark red lines are teethe marks. Most volunteers would have given up and headed home, but Annette finished cleaning the stalls and then headed up to do office work.

Jason and Tawnee headed out to the Gridley pasture to pick up a couple mommy’s and their baby’s, who are lined up to be placed into homes. They actually were caught and loaded without too big of a fuss. It’s kind of hard since they are untouchable, especially in a 10 acre pasture, but they managed.

The big water tank is leveled and the fittings were purchased today. Soon it can start being filled.

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