Today was one of those days that makes rescue work so rewarding. Eight happy volunteers cheerfully working, 19 potential adopters and those that did come to bring their new family member home. 6 equines went to their new forever homes! The day ran like this…

Dawn, a local 4H leader, came out to help and joined forces with Teresa cleaning stalls and they all got them done in record time. Most of the stalls were empty, but they had not been cleaned from the last time a horse was in them. As there is no shade up over the All Roads Rescue Row yet, it is a temporary holding pen. We are currently working on shade possibilities. Dawn says she will bring out the 4H kids sometime and have another huge cleaning day.

Aquarius was adopted today into a great home. They gave us an update when they got home, and Aquarius is so happy at his new home that he went running and prancing around. He will have an irrigated pasture, so there will be lots of water to splash in and good food to eat.

This is a new volunteer, Brianna, you should be seeing a lot more of her. She fit right in and was a great help today. She visited our rescue last week and really showed an interest in volunteering. Great work today, yes it looked like you were hot and sweaty, but you kept right on working! This is Brianna playing with Indus.

Rachel made the long 300 mile one way trip to come up and meet Sparkles. It took a little time for Sparkles to get to know Rachel, but by the end of their meeting you can definitely tell that they were buddying up. Rachel was perfect for Sparkles and the proof is in the pudding, the way to a horses heart is through its mouth…

…they donated 75 lbs of carrots, and someone else donated 5 lbs, so now the horses have 80 lbs of carrots to munch on! This is definitely a record breaker, we have never had 80 lbs of carrots donated in 1 day, the rescued horses are so lucky!

Linda had fallen in love with Dasha and Half Pint after seeing them in the 10 irrigated acres of pasture in Gridley. While she was out today, she fell in love with one of the older horses we rescued from the auction last Sunday, NER # 735. She named him Buddy impromptu, and it very well may stick with him for life. She also adopted Dasha and Half Pint today, making a total of 3 equines that went home with her. That is one thing that is neat with our Last Act of Kindness program. Before the LAK program was started, we no doubt would have been forced to leave this old guy at the auction as his adoptability chance was very low. But the perfect lady came along with the hugest heart and she is giving him a forever home. Another life saved thanks to the Last Act of Kindness and the donors that support our vision.

Breydan was adopted as well today. Brayden was the last adoption of the day, and he hopped so well into the trailer it was shocking. Tawnee was like “Man, it’s a two horse straight, but it sure doesn’t matter with Brayden!” We all know Tawnee doesn’t like 2 horse straight load trailers, but Brayden sure doesn’t care. If Brayden could have smiled, it would have been ear to ear, he was just thrilled with it all.

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