This weekend and today has been a particularly disapointing few days for everyone at the rescue and the few supporters that have known about it. On Friday, Pregnant Mare Rescue launched a vicious public attack against us, our supporters, and indirectly encouraged horses to be sent to slaughter, and vigorously begged the public to cease financially supporting NorCal Equine Rescue. You can read the the thread in a public forum where this occurred (the thread has been wisely locked by the moderaters for further comment) by clicking here. They accused of us blanketly euthanizing any horse that has been in our program for 60 days regardless of its health or condition, and they accused us of euthanizing a healthy, pregnant mare. This is an absolute fabrication meant to cast doubt and confusion in peoples minds. They had absolutely no knowledge of how our Last Act of Kindness program works or the great deal of good that it does. In the entire time our organization has been in existence only 28 horses have passed away while in our rescue program. 22 have been humanely euthanized and 6 passed away of natural causes. Less than 4% of equines that come into our rescue are euthanized, and the majority are in great pain and have no chance of a good quality of life, and we have never euthanized a healthy, sound, non-dangerous equine. Since 2003 we have rescued 639 equines. Another accusation is that the information regarding the LAK program has been kept secret and has just become public knowledge thanks to a secret spy revealing it. This is preposterous as the LAK program has been detailed on our front page since April when it started and we sent out an e-news to almost 2000 supporters when it was started. Click Here to read the e-news.
Since the LAK program was voted in by our Board of Directors, and the public support has been so overwhelming, thanks to your generosity over 20 horses have been brought into the LAK program, and then surprisingly enough been adopted within a short time. These 20+ LAK horses are ones that previously we were forced to watch load onto the killer trucks or tell their owners “Sorry, we can’t take them, we do not have resources to care for unadoptable horses.” These are 20+ horses that would be dead right now if it was not for the LAK program. 13 of the horses were planned to be euthanized by their owners if we did not take them. Now they have found new loving forever homes, thanks to the Last Act of Kindness program enabling us to take these horses on. For anyone that does not understand the Last Act of Kindness program, it was inspired by the site of unwanted, unadoptable horses being loaded into killer trucks for the long ride to Mexico or Canada. Click here for more information. Purchasing them, giving them love and the best shot we can of finding them a home, and then being humanely euthanized if no home can be found, is far better than walking away and leaving them to die a brutal death.
In addition to Pregnant Mare Rescue’s attack, today Down Under Mustang sent out an e-mail entitled “NorCal Equine Rescue Policies” to their list telling people that “Wanted to give you a heads up – do you personally know someone at NorCal? They routinely euthanize horses if they deem them ‘unadoptable‘ – so I didn’t know if you wanted to be including them in your mailing list. A friend of mine told me about this a few months ago, but it just became public as well.I did not know that – ” Once again, this has been public ever since this wonderful program that gives unwanted horses a great chance at finding a new home, and if not a humane and loving end to their lives has started.

On a far brighter note, which brings much joy to us and shows the true meaning of the Last Act of Kindness, read on to todays events.
On the 15th, Diane first contacted us asking if we could possibly take in a blind Appy mare that was free on Craigslist. After Diane spoke to the owner, she became very concerned as the owner was very uncaring what happened to the horse, just “Come get her!” On Saturday, Diane’s birthday, she became determined to help this poor girl. We explained our Last Act of Kindness program, and Diane agreed that humane euthanasia was far better than being given to people inexperienced in dealing with blind horses or even worse, a killer buyer, they just love free horses, more profit on the hoof.
We agreed on Sunday to bring Daisy (the Appy) into our LAK program, and today Diane brought her down. Previous to our LAK program, we would have been forced to say “No, we cannot take her in, our facility cannot be filled up with unadoptable horses, sorry we cannot help you.” What would have been the end fate of Daisy? Her blood at the butchers would have been on our hands.
This morning Diane brought Daisy to our rescue trusting that we would do what was best for Daisy, while hoping we could find her a home. We unloaded her out of the trailer and led her gently to her new stall.

Diane said “Goodbye” to Daisy and left.

After Diane left, we received a very sad phone call from Home At Last that Randy the pony had laid down for the last time this morning. Unable to regain mobility, a veterinarian was called and he was humanely euthanized. He fell asleep knowing that he was loved, with food in his tummy and almost a month of continuous care and love. We asked them if they would be interested in caring for Daisy in memory of Randy, and to our great joy they said “Yes!” Less than 5 hours after Daisy, a horse we could not have brought into our rescue prior to the LAK program, arrived, she was on her way to her forever home. Another life saved by the Last Act of Kindness.

We received an update on Buddy, Dasha and Ha
lf Pint, who were adopted yesterday. Buddy is a horse that when we rescued him from the auction we did not know if we could find this guy a home or not. But, since we are not held back by being forced to only rescue horses we have an extremely high chance of finding homes, we were able to bring him in, and the right family stepped forward and said “Yes, we want a senior horse to love and care for!”

Earlier today, Jason worked on the 3000 gallon tank and it is ready for water! A local fire department is going to be filling it up so our well doesn’t fall over dead forever trying to pump that much water.
Deb came out today and worked with the horses, and Tawnee showed horses to potential adopters and helped Deb evaluate horses. Thanks so much for your hard work Deb!

Thank you, our supporters, for all of your support financially, emotionally, and by spreading the word! We look at the big picture in the equine world, and do what we know is best for all horses that we come in contact with, even if that means simply sparing them the cruel fate of slaughter or abuse and giving them a peaceful, loving and dignified ending to their magnificent lives.

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  1. I am very suprised by the negative comments made regarding the LAK program. I have had the privilege of adopting two horses out of the LAK program and it has been a wonderful experience for my family. Bud aka Dakota Boy, was over 300 pounds underweight, has hardly no teeth, is blind in one eye, and has an injured back foot that is lame on and off, but he is the dream horse of my 9 year old daughter. He is kind, loving and gentle and he even gives hugs. We are hoping and praying that his foot heals and he will be ok. Our second horse was Poppy, a very sweet paint who was dedicated to my 11 year old daughter right away. She was always there to greet her and make her feel special, she always laid her head on you and waited for you to pet her. She was also a very seet spirited horse and very gentle with my daughter. Poppy also came with a lameness issue, unfortunately hers only got more painful. When it became apparent that she was in constant pain and could not even take a few steps with out her hips giving out, we called Norcal about putting her back into the LAK program so she would not suffer anymore. Our family would not trade the experience we have had with these horses for anything. Without the LAK program Norcal would not have been able to even bring them home, let alone hope that they might be adoptable. I am new to this business of horse rescue, but I thought the main objective of saving horses was to keep them from slaughter houses. If we can adopt horses into a program that will ensure that instead of being tortured and brutally killed, they are put to sleep peacefully, who can argue about that. I for one am greatful for the LAK program and I know two horses that are too, Bud is still going strong and Poppy is resting in peace after being treated like a queen by an 11 year old girl who thought she was the world.

  2. It hurts my heart to think of any of these animals going to slaughter, or ending up too lame, sick, or in too much pain to function. I believe that the LAK program is one of the best programs I had ever heard of. How wonderful to be able to peacefully and lovingly euthanize a wonderful animal that has dedicated its life to people. People who may not have been as kind or noble in their treatment of it. I would think that any animal person would rather have an animal die with the taste of treats in its mouth and the feel of pats on its coat, than terrifed, and confused, completely abandoned in a slaughterhouse. Thank you Tawnee and Jason and the NorCal volunteers for all you do for these animals, for all that you do that others don’t have the heart or the courage to do.

  3. I will always support the L.A.C. fund! You know how I felt when we had to leave those two Cushings mares at the Auction….they still haunt me. Thank you Tawnee and Jason for doing what no one else has the guts (or brains) to do for those horses that would otherwise slip through the cracks, in addition to your ‘regular’ rescues!!! Other people complain loud and long but no one else but you have stepped up and are making this kind of difference …one horse at a time with your L.A.C. program. (remember the Starfish story… It means the world to THAT one Starfish/horse) And I would like to commend you both on your stronge morals and ethics…you have never stoop so low as to slander or talk hatefull about any others. THIS too take a special sort of person!!!!Again, thank you,Judy W.

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