Today was actually a peaceful day at the rescue, but the camera batteries died and we could get no pictures of the days happenings! This is the first time that has happened since we started the daily blog. They’re on the charger, tomorrow there will be pictures. We did some major cleanup, making the rescue start to really sparkle.

We showed horses to potential adopters this afternoon. They have not decided whether or not to adopt at this time, but we enjoyed showing them the horses that they are interested in. They recently came in contact with one of our rescues from back in 2006, Jessie. He was the 150th equine into our rescue program and will always have a special place in our hearts. He was an old 27 year old Mustang gelding. He was at a dude-ranch and they deemed him too old to continue working and his fate was being shot or coming to us. This is how he looked when he first came.

Today the group that came out to visit the rescued horses emailed us pictures of Jessie taken on Satuday. Jessie is now 29 years old, and is the best kids horse around. He is at a play day here, totally enjoying life. He has a great family giving him all the love and attention he can soak up. It’s so great seeing a horse that would have been shot simply for the crime of being too old, years later, still enjoying life thanks to NorCal Equine Rescue.

Jason wrote almost 40 emails today and still didn’t get everyone replied to. Tomorrow morning we will start up again on the emails. Yes, there are still rumours floating around, so absurd they boggle the mind, such as “Norcal won’t euthanize a horse until after 30 days even if it is in terrible pain, and will provide no pain medicine for it.” It’s sad that people are just jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts. Our focus has already been and always will be rescuing horses from bad situations and getting them into great homes. Of course we would humanely euthanize a suffering animal that had no chance of recovery, and would do all in our power to relieve suffering.

We would like to thank you for all your support, the emails and calls were extremely encouraging to stay focused on our mission of mercy.

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