Early this morning we received a call from Animal Control that they were coming out shortly! Usually this would strike fear and terror into peoples hearts, but as we have a good relationship with local and statewide law enforcement we were at perfect ease and eagerly awaited their arrival to show off Navajo, a skinny scrawny stunted little guy they turned over to us after he was surrendered to them. They complimented us on the fine care we give our equines and were very happy to see Navajo doing so much better. They also enjoyed seeing the newly rescued horses from the auction. Since they read our daily blog they knew all about Durham and wanted to see him. They gave us some valuable information about Sassy, seems they impounded her about a year and a half ago, and it was great to get some more information on her. The primary reason they wanted to visit was to donate a pickup truck load of shavings. Yes, Animal Control donated shavings. Thank you Butte County Animal Control! It was just in time because we were down to our last three bags that Steve and Wendy donated.

After Animal Control left Tawnee loaded up the trailer for another vet trip. The little donkey, as Becky would put it, is “having his brain surgery.” In other words, he’s being gelded tomorrow morning. We feel sorry for the vet office, he brays so loud it can be heard up to or over a mile, but, we warned them.

The other two horses that went to the vet have not gotten names yet, so we are using their NER #’s. We feel so bad for them, it is so impersonable, but we got the emails sent to the donors requesting horse names, so we should have names soon.

This mare, #732, we rescued from the auction on the 10th had a very large belly, and we were suspecting she may have a baby in there, so we took her to the vet to find out.

After a thorough ultrasound exam, no baby was found. A sigh of relief went up, the world does not need another grade TB baby.

Next it was # 731’s turn because he needed his teethe looked at as he is sensitive around the mouth. The vet says he is due for a float but there is nothing major that she saw. Can you read this guys tattoo? Don’t lose any sleep over it, we already know what it is. Nope, it doesn’t say “sold.”

Long lost volunteer Ann Marie was out this evening! As she is still recovering from surgery she couldn’t do heavy things, but she really enjoyed visiting with the skinny Mustang.

10 days ago we rescued this poor girl at a livestock auction. She had her baby taken away right before she went to the auction. She is only 8 years old!

And now, 10 days later, thanks to a lot of good food, she is looking so much better. Wow, what a difference 10 days of love and care can make! She is doing really good and her spirit is definitely better. This is the part of rescue that we love: making horses beautiful again. She definitely has a long road ahead, but she has a great start.

Petfinder is updated! All 49 available equines have been updated, so if there is one you are interested, check them out. Adoption fees have also been posted for each one. There are quite a few pasture pals, so if you have room and love, give one a chance to love you back! We have: 2 Appy’s, 3 Arabians, 1 Mule, 3 Mustangs, 4 Paints, 3 Pony’s, 18 QH types, 2 Standardbreds, and the rest are all TB’s. It’s too bad that the racing industry has never cared for their horse once they stop making them money.

As you can tell, the Camera batteries got charged and it’s acting ‘snappy’ so to speak.

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