First off, a Happy Birthday to Jason! He’s almost old, anyone younger than him thinks he is really old, and anyone older thinks he is really young. This is his 29th year of life.

Nugget was adopted today. This is so great, she has been here practically forever it seems. She was adopted by a long time friend, previous adopter and supporter. She will give Nugget a great home, we are so glad she stepped forward to give Nugget that loving home. Now we’re working on transportation arrangements to get Nugget to her forever home.

We actually got this auction rescue fundraising up sooner than later. We are currently at $40, our goal for this month is $5,000 for the rescue and care of the auction horses. The auction is on Sept 14th.

Jason typed over 40 emails this morning, and then since he is so old and his eyes were getting blurry, and he called it quits for the day. Jason and Tawnee spent the afternoon with their family and had a great time. It is nice for them to have an afternoon off. Once again, Happy Birthday Jason, thanks for your continuous hard work!

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