Today was a busy Sunday, almost as busy as last Sunday, but not quite. It was a hot day however, making the day seem to go on and on and on…

The first adoption of the day was Drake, who went home to his new family this morning. They came out last Sunday and fell in love with him, and today was Drake’s day to go home.

Next up, Feather was donated. Her owner is on our mailing list, and emailed letting us know that she was no longer able to care for her, and we agreed to take her in some time ago and she was on the waiting list. Today she was able to bring her in. Feather is a beautiful 21 year old QH mare. We will be evaluating her once she settles in.

Blueberry’s went home today too! His adopter has been waiting for several weeks to get her application done, and since she’s been approved, today was a great day for Blueberry to head to his forever home. Kelly, who had been doing out applications, has been sick and unable to do them so we have been swamped with yet another load added to our daily tasks.

Perky didn’t know he was going home today. An adopter was coming out to see Sally, and hopefully take her home, but Perky caught her heart and her eye and Perky is the lucky one that ended up going home instead. What a lucky boy!

Today was an awesome day! We were able to reunite a long lost horse with its old owner. The lady pictured below, owned this sweet horse, and while she was gone her husband (unwisely) traded the horse for another to a “horse trader.”

The horse trader said he would take Curls where he could be used by a bunch of cowboys on a ranch. He took him to a livestock auction where we rescued him. Ellen, heartsick at the loss of her beloved Curls, searched and search for him on Petfinder. Within a few hours of Tawnee placing Curls on Petfinder, Ellen had contacted us. If Curls was not rescued at auction and then placed on Petfinder, he would not have found his way home.

Ellen initially contacted us via telephone sobbing “You have my horse, you have my horse!” We assured her that he was safe and at our rescue. She sounded so relieved! She emailed us a picture of Curls to confirm that she was his previous owner. Everything matched. After being approved, she came out to pick him up today, they were so happy together.

The horse trader that got Curls by lying about his future, runs an add in the Sacramento Bee regularly, that states: “Cash paid for horses broke or unbroke. Any kind.” Only one kind of person would pay cash for any horse, and that is someone that ships out of the country. Our staff called him up undercover asking what happens to a horse if he can’t find it a home, he frankly stated “I ship them south.” That results in a brutal end in Mexico. He also stated that he likes “the fat ones, I can’t guarantee nothin‘” referring to their future. So in essence, he is a horse trader / killer buyer. And to think some people believe there are no killer buyers at the auctions, here is ones phone number as seen in the Sacramento Bee. Click here for the add.

The same horse trader / killer buyer has several horses on Craigslist right now. If he can’t sell them, they’re auctioned or slaughtered, whatever he thinks gets more money. Just very very sad. One horse we recently rescued, Promise, fell into his hands. He had her on Craigslist, but no takers. So he took her to auction, she was one of the skinny ones that are not welcome on the slaughter trucks, and it probably just cost him too much to fatten her up enough to ship. Her starvation diet saved her life. Once again, just really really sad. Craigslist had a picture of her with part of her brand coming out in front of the saddle, U9, which you can see in our picture. This is the Cragislist add.

We found her at auction and told her that her worries were over…

Now she is safe, no more evil treatment, starvation, beatings, and other terrible things. She is a nice kids horse, and is looking for a retirement home. Please, if you know of anyone, please pass her information along.

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