This morning faithful Deb came out and helped work with the horses all morning and into the blazing hot afternoon. Faithful Annette came out and worked in the office most of the morning too. Lots of productive things were accomplished that didn’t get pictures taken of.

Tawnee worked diligently and by this evening one of our largest non-auction rescue fundraisers was kicked off. We have a great need for a hay barn by this winter, and with the price of steel and other raw materials skyrocketing, we chose now to begin collecting funds! Please help how you can, every dollar is going to help tremendously. If everyone donates just $2, the barn will be up and full of hay in no time. Click here for more information and some background story with pictures of the beginnings of our permanent location. You can also see the information by clicking the links at the bottom of our homepage. We wanted to get more stalls and pens in, but we really need to focus on getting a good hay storage before we get more pens. All Roads Communications really helped out during the fires by purchasing quite a number of panels, so we have good housing for horses now, we just need a hay barn!

Jason headed out to the vet to pick up Dinky Donkey. He jumped right into the trailer because he wanted to come back and see Dottie, his favorite girl. Little does he know that his interest in girls will keep getting less and less… Poor guy, sure looks like it hurts. He’s on a rehab regime and the swelling should go down soon.

While Tawnee and Deb were working with the horses, Cowgirl was in the round-pen and she started rolling and rolling… One thing you can’t see in the picture, her tail was swishing faster than mules should be able to swish their tails. She really enjoyed the whole experience!

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