The hay barn fundraising has kicked off today. A total of $107 was donated, thank you so much! To get this barn in before winter, we need to have the funds in by Sep 30th. Please do what you can to help get the barn raised before the winter rains hit!

The auction fund is currently at: $110, just ahead of the barn raising. All Roads Communications has once again matched donations up to $2500 towards this rescue, so every dollar donated becomes 2 dollars donated!

Today, the 250th equine for this year arrived, it’s a huge number of equines rescued, but it’s no match for this little guy! Macho Man was donated today, he is only 28 inches tall and he sure is cute! He is an Achondroplastic Miniature Horse Dwarf, the same as Dottie, our Mascott. He has clubbed feet on both fronts, but we are hoping to have corrective trimming done that can help him out. We have been looking for a livelong friend for Dottie, as for awhile now…

Dottie’s pet goat has been pre-occupied with motherhood. If anyone is wondering, the baby’s name is Mister T. He was born about the time of all the fire evacuations and is now a frisky little trouble maker. Click here if you don’t‘ remember him coming into the world.

So now Dottie has a new friend. She still isn’t too sure about him, and would prefer her submissive goat back, but they seem to be finding a way to become friends.

Any update on Perky, who was adopted on Sunday. His adopter says: “I rode him with a halter and leadrope, bareback, he seems wonderful and I am looking forward to riding him more. He trailered home wonderfully and I am hoping that his anxiety leaving was just that, anxiety to be leaving a safe place.
I have started him on some Elk Grove Senior, he thinks it is a wonderful treat.” Thanks for giving him a great home Shawnna!

Today was a very busy day. Tawnee showed horses pretty much all day long, Annette worked in the office and Jason did oil changes on the 4-wheelers along with 100 other tasks.

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