Today was a busy, yet rewarding day. Tawnee spent all day once again showing horses to prospective adopters. As a result of all Tawnee’s hard work, Levi and Phoenix are being adopted by Home at Last! This is the same group that gave Randy the pony such a wonderful home. Sally and Penny Possum has been placed in adoption pending, and Zara was adopted and taken to her new forever home! Here is Zara with her new mommy, it was definitely love at first sight.

Tawnee delivered Zara to her new home, where her handsome prince gelding Solo was waiting. Solo had lost his 28 year old companion due to colic a few days ago, and he immediately began swooning over his new love. He was easily swayed by her cute face. They are really a beautiful match, they looked mirrored in this photo. He is a beautiful dappled Paso, and she a beautiful dappled Arabian.

Ann Marie continued her gentling sessions with Sierra. She mostly sits in her pen, and when Sierra is comfortable, she gently brushes her. This is so awesome for Sierra, exactly what she needs so she can realize that not every human is only interested in her for her uterus to see what the next baby looks like that pops out. Yes, Ann has a cast on her arm, so she has dedicated herself to Sierra for now. It definitely helps that there are special people like Ann that will take the time to gentle a scared, wild horse. Thank you so much Ann!

Imagine our joy to see Fed Ex deliver a bright shiny new gadget. Many humble thanks to Chris and Janet for ensuring that we will always be able to reach emergency personal while we’re evacuating horses during fires or any other emergencies. They donated an Iridium Satalite phone and put pre-paid minutes on it. Wow, what an amazing asset to the rescue!

Dottie and Macho Man are getting used to living in the same area, Dottie has calmed down and realizes that maybe he is a gelding after all and isn’t interested in her to mother his offspring.

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