Thanks to a generous donation, our hay barn fund is now at $1,112.00! Over 10% there, let’s make it 20% tomorrow! We can all do this together, thank you guys for the $2 and the $5 donations, they really help a huge amount. Everyone can spare a cup of coffee or two surely!

Tawnee showed horses today and her hard work is working: 6 horses were placed in adoption pending status today! This might be a record, we aren’t keeping track of that one. Tawnee has been showing horses all day long every day this week, and a lot of people made up their minds today and placed holds. One of the potential adopters donated some fly traps, those will cause a stinky smell to permeate the air. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness Sally!
Tawnee got to ride lots of horses, practically every available ridable horse. She even rode Gracie, the 3 year old Belgium / QH cross. She is sweet and loving and clueless. And in adoption pending. Tawnee sure loves putting guinea pig Deb on horses that haven’t been ridden, but when duty calls, Tawnee obeys.

Jason got stuck doing paperwork today. Not fun, not enjoyable, not the glory of being on international TV in front of admiring celebrities (the Animal Planet filming,) not why we started a rescue, but 110% necessary. As soon as adoption applicants get approved a lot of horses will be going to their new homes. There are now 15 horses in adoption pending currently, 35 available. Thank you everyone for opening your hearts and homes to horses in need.

Imagine our joy today to open the mailbox and have several hundred dollars in donations from work places today. Many corporations have matching donation programs, some employees have their donations taken out of their pay, the company matches (and in one case double matches) the donation and $1 becomes $2, sometimes $3! If you work for corporate America, please check into this as additional funds always automatically ensure additional lives are saved. We want to publicly thank each and every one of you that participate in corporate giving and sending support to our rescue. It truly helps out and makes a huge difference in the horses lives every day.

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