Early this morning Jason unloaded some donated hay and stacked it up nice and neat. It’s always nice to have hay donated, as you all know, the rescued horses go through a lot of it here!

Headed out to Gridley to pick up Levi and Phoenix to transport them to their new forever home at Home At Last. They were perfect gentleman and got in the trailer without too much fuss. Galaxy let us know that his time to go had come, with heavy hearts we took him to the vet for humane euthanasia. His health has been failing, and today he let us know he was ready to fall asleep. At the vet, they agreed that he did not have a good quality of life and that he had no prognosis of recovering due to his age. We will miss you Galaxy!

When Levi and Phoenix arrived at Home At Last, there were four of our previous rescues waiting to greet us! They are happy, healthy, and enjoy romping around playing together.

Levi had a hard time getting out of the trailer, but that is just the way he is. His deformed legs allow him to jump into a trailer without a fuss, but when it’s time to come back out, it hurts so bad he takes his time. His pen buddy is Pilgrim, again another horse previously rescued by us. You can see Pilgrims past blog entries by clicking here. Link 1 & Link 2 Levi was from the same Feedlot rescue as Pilgrim, it is really neat that horses that were doomed together were rescued together and are now living together forever.

Phoenix also settled in, he is a very happy boy now. He was excited about seeing so many new horses and he can’t wait to meet them all and become great friends. His eyes looked like they were going to pop out from all the excitment!

Daisy, the blind Appy that was brought into our LAK program and placed in Home At Last all in the same day is also doing great. She is gaining weight and is very well adjusted to her surroundings and feels comfortable enough to trot around her pen.

From there it was off to get some much needed supplies. First of all a shade was purchased so people won’t be falling over from heat stroke while looking at horses. Got to have a place to get our of this terrible heat! As it is Labor Day weekend, summer is almost over and shade-makers are incredibly cheap. Over half off retail! Some new gates were needed and purchased as well at Tractor Supply.

Cathy and her girls came out to volunteer today, they worked diligently throwing manure through the air, cleaning up and scrubbing water troughs. They had a bit of fun too, despite the brutal heat. Faith found a way to cool off though!

Have a great weekend!

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