Long before the first rays of sunlight hit the rescue, Jason was hard at work finishing up the connections on the big tank so all the horses will have water direct from the 3000 gallon storage tank generously donated by Ted. Our well has been having a hard time keeping up with the watering, so this will make it much easier.

Soon after the sun came up, ever so faithful Deb and Becky were out for another Sunday filled with work and fun. They chose to spend Labor Day Weekend, well, laboring. Deb did some evaluations and some corrective training with the rescued horses. Silver didn’t like giving to pressure, but after a little bit of time he began to realize that every time someone pulls on the reigns, it doesn’t mean he is going to feel pain.

Tawnee and Becky headed out to the 10 acre irrigated pasture to meet up with an adopter that came out to adopt a mommy and baby. When they got there, Lamaz had a big “Hello!” for them. She really was thrilled to see them, she was just trying out some new expressions she saw on TV. She is between films now so to speak, and is practicing for when she gets her big break.

Lollie and Sky were adopted today and headed today. Their adopter had been at the June auction, and had seen them there and fell in love. She was not ready to get a mommy and baby combo at her place when they were rescued from the auction, but now she was ready and they were still available! She was approved to adopt and today was the day she got to take her new baby’s home!

Tawnee and Becky also checked up on one of our previously adopted horses, Stella. She is doing great, is fat and sassy!

Stella came into our rescue and was adopted about 2 years ago. It’s so great to see adopted horses so happy and healthy. The picture below was when she came into our rescue 2 years ago.

After Becky and Tawnee got back to the rescue, it was time to set up the shade maker. It was a huge combined effort with Jason, Tawnee and Becky all pitching in to get it set up.

But finally it was done and ready to cool people off. It will be so great on these hot days to have a place to beat the heat.

Becky and Deb headed off to take a couple of the rescued equines on a trail ride. Becky had some ‘firsts’ happen to her today. She rode a Tennessee Walker for the first time ever, and then she rode a mule for the first time ever. There is definitely more to life than a Quarter Horse Becky.

Deb was hanging out with Moonlight and discovered that he is a very intelligent horse. Come to find out, Moonlight will answer questions! Please enjoy the following clip, we may very well have a Mister Ed on our hands here…


This is the first ever video that made its way onto our Blog, hope you enjoy it!

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