Today we all kept enough rocks in our pockets so we didn’t blow away. It was the worst wind we’ve had in a long time. You could even feel fall in the air.
Tawnee headed out and went to Walmart. They had 3 shopping carts of feed for the rescue. What a huge help!

From Walmart Tawnee went to Tractor Supply to pick up the swing for under the shade maker. They’ve had this swing sitting in their store for a very long time, the price kept dropping, and after a discussion with the manager it became ours.

All set up and ready for potential adopters to sit and watch. It just needs a good stain and sealant.

Roy was adopted and transported to his new home today. His adopter is the same that adopted Sky and his mommy yesterday. They just had to make 2 trips to get their new family safely home.

Ann Marie came out this evening to groom and continue gentling Sierra. It’s so great to see the softness in Sierra’s eyes as she relaxes and becomes trusting in humans.

Jason and Tawnee worked diligently on the website and getting an E-news ready to be sent out. This is a very special e-news, it’s the first one that has a poll in it! If you don’t get the E-news, you should, but in the mean time you can click here for the poll. Every vote is greatly appreciated.

We got a great update on Pavo today, but no picture. (We love getting pictures!) He is doing great and is extremely well loved and cared for at his new family. Here’s what they had to say: “Pavo is doing great! We have been riding him a lot. Mostly just trotting. He gets excited if you go faster. He is such a sweet horse and not spooky at all. He has lots of energy too and is great with other horses, kids and dogs. Pavo is a fast learner and seems to be interested in what we ask of him. He will eat anything, so it has been easy to give wormer etc. and he is not picky about treats. I feel very lucky to have Pavo. He is a smart, kind horse and athletic too. I can’t thank you guys enough for saving him. It still boggles my mind how these horses end up at auction. Pavo is just as good as most of the fancy horses at the barn, he just hasn’t finished his training yet.”

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