First off, a huge Thank You! to Bandit Blue for their tireless support of horse rescue. 7% of all purchases are donated directly to us for our auction rescue efforts. This makes a huge difference in horses lives who are hanging in the balance of slaughter or rescue. Visit their website if you have a minute, they have over 100 high quality decorative and useful items for sale: click here. On a side note, Bandit Blue, prepare yourself for phone calls and/or emails from those who wish to prevent our rescue efforts. They have been contacting our sponsors asking them to stop supporting us. It’s really sad when people lose the focus of rescuing horses and try to hinder those that are making a huge difference in hundreds of horse lives.

The auction fundraising continues, we are currently at $614, and with the matching donation we have raised a total of $1228! 1/4 of the way to the finish line. Please help spread the word, don’t let the KB’s go home with full trailers this month either! We have been on a roll the last few months, and while it is tough on a personal level to have grumpy KB’s casting glaring glances our way, it is entirely worth it to save horses from a brutal death.

The hay barn fundraising continued today as well. Currently the barn is only a few feet off the ground, so to speak, as $1457 has been raised to build it. Please help spread the word about this too, there is only 28 days left before the order must be placed to get this up before the rain hits. And hopefully Ca is soaked this winter.

And now for the days main event. Tawnee headed out with a volunteer this morning to get some needed office supplies and run some other errands. One of the days projects was to purchase the picnic table. The table’s funds were donated anonymously. Lowes said “No problem, we can get it on the top.” Once it was up there, the thought popped into Tawnee’s head “Now how do we get it off? Oh well, it’s up to Jason.”

With fair warning, Jason had a system figured out by the time they returned after dark. An extra oak tree limb was found and Jason hopped on top to begin securing the table to the tree…

Heave-Ho and up it goes.

The rope was tied around another tree and the van was backed out from under the at least 900 lb table. Well, maybe not quite 900 lbs, but it was heavy.

The table was gently lowered…

Safely on the ground at last and is ready for a potential adopter to use it for paperwork. Now we can write the book “How to Unload a Picnic Table off a Van Roof in the Middle of the Night after Caring for Horses all Day for Dummies” booklet. 100% of all profit would go right back into saving horses of course! Ha-ha!

We got an update on Casper and Vader today. They are doing great, and have been enjoying going on trail rides with their mommy. These two horses were surrendered into our LAK program and found a loving forever home together. Way to go Judy, Casper and Vader!

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