Today was, as normal, a very busy day. The auction fund is currently at $689. Only three donations came in today, a total of $75. Let’s hope the pace picks up, there are only 11 days left until the auction! The hay barn is the same as yesterday, $0 was raised today. Please donate what you can, every dollar will help save lives at the auction and the hay barn will provide years of quality hay storage for the horses once they are rescued. We’ll be moving our current needs above the daily blog, as our days are so packed full, our blog is lengthy, and our current needs are buried far below.

Two horses were surrendered to us by Animal Control, who also donated 5 brand new fly masks, so we headed out today to pick them up. The first stop was at Home Depot, to solicit the material to be donated for the tack room. Jason headed into Home Depot, gave them the information and they will be contacting us tomorrow. Let’s hope and pray that they follow through and can donate 100% of the material. We have a general contractor coming out this Sunday with his crew to get it put up, at least as much as they can.

We then picked up the two Animal Control horses, a sweet mare and her 4-5 month old baby colt. The mares name is Jai and the baby’s name is Nook.

Jai is such a sweet old mare, unfortunately she is fighting for her life. She has cancer, has been severely emaciated and has tumours scattered throughout her body. She also has some severe blindness as well, overall, she is just in pretty bad shape but we will do what is the absolute best for her. She arrived at the rescue safely and took her first look around.

When Tawnee first saw Jai awhile ago, she was extremely gaunt and death like looking. She has gained a lot of weight since when she was first seized by Animal Control. We unloaded them and put them in our round pen so they could relax and look around. Nook and mommy enjoyed romping the round pen for awhile.

She rolled around in the sand, and you could tell that she was relaxed and happy, despite all the things her body is fighting. After romping in the round pen, they were placed in a stall where they can enjoy their first night at the rescue.

Annette and Kimmy came out and did pen cleanup. This time, Annette always made sure Pinky was in another stall. She doesn’t really want to chance being bitten again. Pinky enjoyed watching them clean her stall, thinking “Dogs have owners, horses have staff!”

After the stalls were cleaned, Tawnee taught Annette how to do adoption applications. Tomorrow Annette is going to work all day on applications, so, hopefully the roughly 15 horses in adoption pending can start going to their new homes.

Ann Marie also came out and spent time with Sierra. Sierra is definitely beginning to think that all the human attention is pretty good after all. Way to go Ann!

The phone wouldn’t stop ringing off the hook it seemed from about 8:00 am until late this evening. The only break was when we had to go pick up Jai and Nook, and then when Tawnee was showing horses. It’s a full time job, just answering the phone! We love hearing from you all, so keep the phone ringing, but please understand if you have to be put on hold…

Please pass the word about the upcoming auction, every month we save 12-39 horses, but it takes money, money that if everyone gives just a little of, then we will have the resources to rescue many lives. It really breaks our hearts to see killer buyers leaving with full trailers, you can help make them leave with empty trailers!

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