Both the auction and hay barn received some donations today, but hopefully the pace picks up soon. We need to raise about $350 a day for the hay barn, and the more that is donated towards the auction rescue the more lives can be saved. Currently the funds are at: Auction Fund $714 and Hay Barn fund $1,482.

This morning Tawnee headed over to the Gridley foster home to meet up with a horse that was being surrendered today. His owner was no longer able to keep him, and rather than risking her horses life at an auction or an unknown buyer, she made the best decision possible and surrendered him to us. She also made a generous donation of $400 into our Last Act of Kindness fund. Thank you for your generosity Linda!

Here is Linda’s writeup about Sweetness. “He is an 8 year old reg Arabian gelding. He loves people and is in the middle to upper end of the pecking order in the pasture. He has been on the trail and been horse camping. Ties, loads in a trailer, stands for a bath, and comes when you call him. Don’t know if he clips or cross-ties.He has sidebone so can’t jump or do endurance. Has never done arena work so, don’t know about that. Absolutely beautiful when in condition.” Adoption fee: $450.

Annette came out and worked hard on adoption applications. Several people were approved and more are mostly approved. Thanks for your hard work Annette!

For anyone who visits our rescue, you will no doubt come into contact with Brighty. She has a strong belief that the round pen is completely hers and she has the full right to plop down in the sand and go to sleep wherever princess Brighty chooses. Sometimes we have to drag her out of the round pen so she doesn’t get trampled while the horses are working. Today, Moonlight came into the round pen, walked right up to Brighty. He made her get up and then…

… it wasn’t long before she plopped down again. But, there was that giant nose nudging her back up.

Brighty flung into action with a yip, gave Moonlight a little startle, and Tawnee reminded Brighty that the round pen is not her domain and that she better leave before Moonlight harasses her further.

Brecc was adopted today! Lorrie was so disappointed that she missed out on adopting Brecc when he was placed into adoption pending, but then Brecc became available and Lorrie jumped at the chance. Lorrie has been a long time supporter and friend of Norcal. Her friends have adopted from us, and now she has found her forever trail buddy.

We have updated our equine retirement program. We have chosen to defer retiring equines to those that have the burning mission in their heart to take care of retired horses, and we will focus 100% on saving the maximum number of horses from abuse, slaughter, and other terrible situations that we can. Read all about it, click here!

When we were picking up Jai and Nook, Dr Laura was espousing the virtues of GoodShop. We just had to check it out, and sure enough, we are on there already. Over 700 retailers will donate a portion of their sales to the non-profit of your choice, and it won’t cost you an extra penny. Some of the retailers are especially generous, up to 5% or so. Check it out, especially with the holiday season coming up in a few months. www.Goodshop.com. They are part of the GoodSearch program, where the charity you select (Norcal Equine Rescue) earns 1 penny for each search. May not sound like a lot, but the ASPCA has earned over $17,500. That’s a lot of lives saved. If we all abandon Google in deference to GoodSearch (their browser bar is especially handy, we have it on all our office computers now) every search is 1 penny. You can track our earnings in real time on their website.

We are always looking for free ways that people can help raise funds for rescuing horses, if you know of any please let us know!

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