Today could be called affectionately “swing day” as it seems to have a lot to do with the new swing. Lorrie came down to visit the horses, and her plan was to adopt two of them. Sure enough, Dolly and Nafara were fortunate enough to head home with her. They are going to have a great home with Lorrie. Here she is doing the adoption paperwork on the swing. It’s so nice to have a place where adopters can sit down to look at the paperwork and fill it out. Before we were standing in the hot sun with sweat dripping down on the paperwork while they were trying to read it.

They all look so happy together, thanks Lorrie!

Unfortunately, heading up the hill their non-4wd truck didn’t quite make it to the top, so Tawnee unloaded Dolly and Naffara, led them to the top and re-loaded them. We really need cement or pavement up the hill or a new driveway.

Once at the top they hopped right back in the trailer and were safely off to their forever home.

Next to come down the hill was Builders Supply with a load of material for the new tack room. Home Depot never got back to us, and as Builders Supply was a very competitive quote and they deliver for free, they got the job. It was only $850 for enough material to build a 8×16 tack room. This Sunday a contractor is coming out to start work on it. He is doing it for a greatly reduced rate to help out the horses. The contractor is planning on adopting one of the horses in trade for constructing the tack room. It’s a great deal for the rescue!

Jason helped unload. It was hot and we were dreading unloading the whole load, but the driver had a trick up his sleeve

All the wood was bundled together, the bed was raised

…and with a huge cloud of dust it was unloaded and it fell to the ground safely.

Here it sits, waiting to be constructed into a tack room.

Tawnee traded her pooper scooper in for a paintbrush and stained the swing in preparation for Sunday’s expected crowed of people wanting to sit in the shade.

Here it sits, nicely stained and waiting for visitors to enjoy relaxing. The swing is just incredibly cute and fits in so well with the decor of the round pen and shade maker.

Have a great weekend!

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