We have several huge corrections to make to our previous blogs. The last two blogs we have been so overworked and absent minded that we got all the names mixed up. We’ll try this time to get it right. Lorrie adopted Brecc on Sept 4th. Shelly, not Lorrie, adopted Nafarra and Dolly on Sept 5th. Sorry for the name mix ups!

The Auction Fund is at $1,202 with another $250 pending! We still have another $1298 to raise (remember the matching grant that doubles whatever funds donated up to $2500, which will meet the goal of $5,000!) We have only 1 week left to go, this is it, next Sunday is the auction day. Let’s save those horses!

We received an amazing email from an auction donor today. We very rarely post emails, but this one touched our heart and we believe it will touch yours too. “I’ve been thinking about humane euthanasia as an alternative didn’t know anyone was doing it. I STRONGLY SUPPORT this movement as an option to slaughter. It saves the horses suffering and takes $$ out of the killers’ pockets. I wonder if there’s a way to let more horse owners who are selling to killers know this is an option for unadoptable horses. Many probably can’t afford the $200 but if if the service was given to them they might go that route. I’m a rabid animal rights and humane treatment advocate, card carrying peta member and a radical environmentalist. I’m also a realist. This is not something I take lightly at all. Thnx for having the courage to put it forward—I know it’s controversial. Thanx for your great work.”

Some day we would love to have the financial support to be able to bring any horse into our program free of charge at any time to save them from the brutality of being dumped at auction and then sent off to slaughter. We believe that humane euthanasia is the only way for a horse’s life to end peacefully, but it is costly. We hope that our continual educational programs will help people realize the difference between humane euthanasia and slaughter.

Today was as always a busy Sunday. First off, we wanted to welcome Pistol back into our organization. Pistol was adopted back in July 2006. Since then, after her adoption was finalized, her owners were no longer able to keep her and found another home for her. In her new home she started showing lameness so she came back. We prefer to find forever homes, but our horses are always welcome back.

This is the first pictures we had of sweet Pistol. This was back in NER’s original location near Quincy, CA.

Brianna came out and did an amazing job on the stalls. Honestly I think she did the most stalls cleaned in one day by one person. Old stalls that haven’t had a horse in them for awhile are all cleaned and ready for occupants Sunday. Thanks for your exceedingly hard work! Of course Dottie had to stick her nose into everything.

Mark, the general contractor, and his family came out today and Mark got right to work on the tack room. First he had to hack through the ground to make a level spot for the pier block.

A few hours later he was putting the floor joists down.

The picnic table was put to good use today by the workers. Watermelon and spaghetti sure tastes good when you’re hungry!

Then it was back to work!

Deb came out as usual but Becky was just absent today. Oh well, she’s probably trying to get rested up for next weeks auction rescue. She really works her heart out keeping statistics on everything.

Beauty and OK Katie became the best friends of two little girls that came out with Mark today. They were led around and pampered all day long.

Ann Marie came out today to spend time with Sierra. Her cast is gone and she now just has a wrist brace. We’ll stick a pooper scooper in her hands before she knows it!
Finally after a long day the floor is down and the walls are ready to go up. The workers all headed home. Just imagine seeing a beautiful tack room sitting on top of this floor. It wont’ be long now!

Tawnee and Moonlight settled in for a nice snuggle, the ending of a long day. Tired, but happy.

Moonlight is one of the snuggliest horses we’ve had in the rescue in a long time. Tawnee marvels every time when thinking that such a beautiful sweet and loving horse could have been brutally killed in the slaughter house. He was even rejected by his first bidder at the auction, when taken out of the auction ring he hit his head exiting the ring, so his bidder sent him back through, figuring something must be wrong with him. Maybe there is something wrong with him, despite ever
ything people have done to him, he still loves people. Horses have such an amazingly ability to trust and love people despite what people have done to them.

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