Today the thermometer got a bit more green juice in it! $1018 left to go to meet the match, and that will be the goal of $5,000! Still, there is only 6 more days, so please donate what you can and help spread the word.

Deb came out today and worked with the horses. She’s looking forward to new faces and new challenges after next Sunday with the newly rescued horses. She’s hoping no x-rodeo bucking horses are at the auction…

Missy’s adopters made it today and sure enough, it was love at first sight for Missy! She was happy to hop into the trailer for the ride home. Her new mommy took off this week off from work so they will have lots of lovey dovey bonding time.

Yes, this is a different horse from Missy, this is Brecc who was adopted by Lorrie last Thursday. Jason loaded him up today and headed out to take him home.

Brecc showed a lot more interest in the yummy treats that were waiting for him than the 3 other horse friends he now has and his new mommy. They say a way to a mans heart is through his mouth, so, he’ll be won over very soon.

Ann Marie came out today to continue her gentling of Sierra. Sierra is gaining weight nicely, is becoming more friendly, and definitely has a best friend in Ann.

Cathy and her girls came out this evening to spend time wrapping twine into a big ball. It’s getting bigger, heavier, and more awkward every day. Soon, it’ll take a fork lift to move it.

But, after the twine ball was done being wound on, the girls took our cancer patient and her baby out for a nice stroll. The baby wasn’t quite strolling, more like leaping and bounding through the air. He definitely enjoys getting some freedom and stirring up the dust. The baby was placed in adoption pending today, but of course he won’t be adopted until after he is weaned.

The hay barn fundraising is still the same as the last blog, our fundraising focus currently is on saving lives at the next auction.

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