We regret to inform you that hackers have attacked the Petfinder voting and are making it completely illegitimate. For example, “All 4 the Animals” went from 2000 votes this morning at 7:30 to 44,507. We know they are hacking as they will get 2000 votes, then immediately all voting stops until someone gets close, and then they zoom off again. There’s been a few shelters that have gotten amazing numbers in a short amount of time. It wouldn’t be so odd if they didn’t turn the quick voting on and off.

We contacted Petfinder to find out, since there are no rules posted, if we can do this too. Unfortuantely Petfinder did not get back to us, so we’re still in limbo. We got an anonymous email today explaining how to do it. We are waiting to see what Petfinder is going to do, we are hoping that this vote will not turn into battle of fast computers instead of an actual legitimate vote. We are very happy that so many people voted for us, and please keep voting as hopefully Petfinder will clean up the mess leaving only legitimate votes. If they do this, we will need each and every one of your votes! You can vote once a day (probably every 24 hours?) that is what their voting system says you can do.

The contractor came out today to work on the tack room. It’s really looking nice!

He had to have an extra hand lifting the wall up as it was so heavy. They closed their eyes, gritted their teethe, and up it went. Well ok, it wasn’t that easy…

They had to actually put their muscles into it to get it to raise.

By the end of the day the two long walls are standing. Sunday he is planning on finishing it up.

Annette came again today and is almost caught up on adoption applications! She is really getting the work flow down and is hopefully going to do it for years to come…

The local turkey gang decided to join the horses for supper tonight. They really enjoyed stirring up the dust and eating the seeds that falls out of the hay. Don’t get any ideas, we don’t allow hunting!

Tawnee was out of commission today as she is sick. She is going to be better by the auction, or else we will carry her around in a gurney.

Jason worked on getting a cross fence on the 20 acres, it’ll be easier to keep the horses seperated. It’s done and ready for the auction rescue horses.

Ann Marie came out again today, thanks for your dedication in gentling Sierra!

The hay barn fundraising got a $10 dontaion today, thanks to Bandit Blue!

Have an absolutely great weekend, and look for an update Sunday evening for the horses saved from auction.

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