Today was a great day, a little cooler, even some broken cloud cover. It will be nice when fall comes, but soon enough we will have 3 weeks of solid rain in a row, and it won’t be fun.

Cowgirl’s adopter came to pick her up today. It’s so great that Cowgirl will have such a loving home forever. She is going to be spoiled!

April’s adopter came today and she went home as well. April’s adopter came with Cowgirls adopter, so they got to leave together. April’s adopter is pastor Larry, who has a ministry of working with autistic kids and horses. It is really neat to see a pastor stepping up to work with special needs kids and the miracles that horses can bring into their lives. If you would like to contact pastor Larry, his phone number is 916-224-7777.

Wal-Mart called us up to let us know that they had another bunch of feed for us. We cannot thank Wal-Mart enough for donating so much greatly needed feed. They have donated thousands of dollars worth of grain, sweet feed, etc. We greatly appreciate Wal-Mart’s support!

You never know what you will find when you’re surfing the internet. We bumped into an online donations program that has raised $335 for our rescue efforts. Thank you so much Yuliana! If you would like to see her fundraising efforts, click here.

Tawnee is still under the weather a bit, but hopefully by tomorrow she is back up to 100%. She was actually relieved when someone called to cancel their appointment today. Get well soon!

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