Petfinder made the right choice this evening and canceled their voting. They are choosing instead to randomly select two charities for the $5,000 grant. Please don’t get discouraged about Petfinder, they are a top notch company ran by very dedicated and professional people who are doing a wonderful work for animals in need. We apologize for taking up so much of your time in soliciting your votes, but we would like to thank you for your votes and support.

We are doing a new twist for the October auction rescue. We have placed our financial donation goal at $3,500, and are raising the rest through the sale of excess tack that you can donate. Clean out your tackroom before winter, it’s a perfect opportunity! Roseville Livestock Auction has a great tack sale before the horses are ran through, and we are hoping to have enough tack to sell to raise the total funds to $5,000. You generously donated more funds than our goal last month, so we are transferring the excess to the Oct rescue. The thermometer is starting at $1362.

Today Tawnee pretty much took the day off trying to kick the flu she has been battling for almost a week now. Jason wrote dozens of emails and got caught up with some pressing business concerns.

Nooks mommy came out and spent time with her again. She can’t wait to take her new little boy home!

We don’t have updated pictures of the horses rescued at the auction last Sunday, but below are the pictures taken at the auction and the limited information we know. Please enjoy the pictures, we have only evaluated a few, but we will get them up on Petfinder with information soon. If there is a horse that you feel called to, feel free to place an adoption hold on that horse. They are all sweet and precious, each one has an amazing story to tell, if only they were related to Mr Ed, they could tell us their stories.

Sweet horse, may have a pinched nerve, seems like something is bother him.

Very sweet flashy horse, loves attention.

Sweet, mellow and older.

This guy is a 100 % sweet boy, he loves attention, is easy going, well trained to ride, and a great big love.
Sweet mare, buddied up with Tawnee, will follow her anywhere in the pen.

Tina, was used as a lesson horse, has arthritis and has pads on with her shoes. Supposed to be well trained to ride, could be a good child’s horse.

Beautiful paint gelding, 18 years old, has some serious aggression issues, we are giving him a chance to settle in before re-evaluating him. He has very bad ground manners and has already attacked and minorly injured one of the horses here, so he is in a separate pipe panel pen. He would do best in a 1 horse only family.

Was supposed to be used in jumping and some dressage.

No history on this guy, he seems sweet and has a set of shoes on.

This poor horse is thin. Seems to have a lot of issues with life.

Beautiful buckskin gelding, seems shy, we’re told he was used as a ranch type gelding but hasn’t been ridden in awhile.

There are two horses that came from a dude ranch that no longer wanted them, not sure which one is which but one likes to buck.

This is a gangly long legged horse with messed up front teethe. He’s very sweet, easy going and mellow. He’s really tall too.

Little pony is really scared of people and is untrained. She is settling down, she spent a lot of time today watching Tawnee wind up the twine ball. It’s good for her to realize people don’t always attack her.

No information on this guy yet.

Not much is known about this horse yet. We know he leads.
Registered Paint mare, seems sweet.

This is the horse that volunteer Becky purchased at the auction and then surrendered into the LAK program. This picture was taken at the rescue. All the above pictures were taken at the auction yard.

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