The hay barn fund received some much needed donations today. In all $150 was donated, bringing out total to $2702. We are over 1/4 of the way there! Still 12 days left, we are really hoping to at least have the funds to order the barn by the end of the month. Please help spread the word.

This morning Jason hooked up the trailer to take Gracie to her new home.

Here is a map of the travels, the A is the rescue and B is where Gracie lives, way up in the mountains at 4,000′. The almost 400 miles, round trip, was a very beautiful drive.

Gracie’s new mommy was more than tickled pink to have her home! Gracie and Shannon embraced shortly after Gracie got out of the trailer. What a sweet picture!

Tawnee worked diligently getting horses up on the available page. Not all of the horses are available for viewing on Petfinder, their servers are working overtime keeping up with all the horses. There are currently 51 horses available and 13 in adoption pending or rehab. That’s a lot of horses needing homes, spread the word!

Ike sure did cause a lot of devastation down in Texas. This photo was forwarded by a supporter in Texas, the photo is an AP photo. We are so thankful that Habitat for Horses is doing such an amazing work in the equine world down there. Good job guys! Take a look at their website for updates on what all is going on down there. Click here. In the picture that is below a horse is hanging out by the house finding some food under the water. For a larger photo and the full news story, click here.

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