The hay barn fundraising has received another $105 today for a total of $2807. Someone can please make it the big $3,000 this weekend surely! Thank you so much for your generosity.

Tawnee headed off to Animal Control to sign the paperwork for a pregnant TB mare and the foal at her side. However, Tawnee seems to be jinx on tires, she’s had her fair share of flats, but this time she was close enough to Les Scwabb

After about an hour wait the tire was fixed and she was on the road.

While Tawnee was waiting for the tire to get fixed she walked over to a local thrift store. They had 7 filing cabinets, which she negotiated down to $12 for all 7. Cheap enough for enough paperwork storage for a few months. New they just cost too much, but $1.71 a piece is cheap enough.

From there, Tawnee headed off her normal route to get to Animal Control, but there was a huge detour, which resulted in a huge delay. Needless to say the whole trip took longer than it should have. Overall it took Tawnee about 2 hours to go 12 miles. You’d think we were in LA or something with rush hour!

Picking up the TB mare and the foal, Tawnee was glad they loaded up easily. At least something was going right!

Tawnee stopped by Butte College, the NER donation can was getting full so Tawnee stopped to pick it up.
Then it was off to a coin counter to get all the coins counted along with previous coin donations. Coin donations are a great way to get rid of those gallon cans full of coins you have sitting around. All told it was $74.16 worth of coins! It’s amazing how they add up!

Tawnee then took the pregnant TB mommy and baby off to the 10 acre foster home. They were happy to stretch their legs and nibble at nice yummy grass.

Once they were settled in Tawnee let them out of the holding pen into the full 10 acres and they started trotting around. It was so fun watching the baby run and kick up his legs!

Tawne was finally on her way back to the rescue, and now it made sense why today was so time consuming. This poor abandoned dog was by the side of the road, most likely dumped by an uncaring owner, or really lost. Of course Tawnee couldn’t leave her, if Tawnee’s day had gone like a breeze she no doubt wouldn’t have been able to save this dog. So, for the first time ever, we have a dog up for adoption. Soon she’ll be on our availabe page. We had one other abandoned dog, which we transfered to Critter Passe Ranch, but they are full so we’ll give it our best shot. She’s really sweet, knows how to sit and is good with other dogs and kids. She’s scared to death of horses, we’ll see if she barks at them all night long.

Have a great weekend!

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