This weekend had some unexpected twists and turns and was a really tough weekend. First the good news.

We got some great updates on some of our rescued horses that are in the new homes. First off, you all may remember Comet, rescued during the July auction. His adoptive mommy sent a picture today, and to be truthful, we probably wouldn’t have recognized him. This is his auction picture in July.

This is the photo we received today. What an amazing difference! It just goes to show what some tender loving care will do. Thanks for the update Tina!

This mommy and baby were rescued from the feedlot in Nv back in 2006, when the baby was only 3 days old. That was the first rescue any rescue had done from that particular feedlot, and it started off a chain of events that resulted in hundreds of horses being saved from that feedlot before it was shut down. The picture below was when they were adopted.

And now, much later, the baby is big and started to be ridden. He’s grown up so big! His mommy is also doing great and they are in a big happy family together. They keep their horses forever, their oldest is currently 35! Way to go Melony!

Now for the bad news. Pinky showed some signs of colic Saturday night. Everything that could be done was done for sweet Pinky. It seemed to be a normal mild case of colic, she seemed to be on the road to recovery and doing much better, but then she took a sudden turn for the worse and her life ended abruptly before a vet could make it out here. We love you sweet girl! We did a lot of walking that night. Tawnee was walking Pinky and stumbled over a ground hornet nest, waking them up. It is never good to wake up the bees, they are particularly angry when woken up. Tawnee received around 30 stings, it’s hard to tell since so many are close together. She has about 7 on her stomach and such a swelling on her leg it is hard to tell. She had bees in her hair, crawling around on her, it was just terrible. It was the worst bee experience that Tawnee has ever had.

Today was an amazingly slow day. Everyone canceled. Various appointments, volunteers, everyone. It was looking pretty bleak for a Sunday, but faithful Annette called to see if there was anything she could help with. Of course there was! Here Annette is sticking wormers into the cabinets in the new tack room.

Jason installed a window on the Tack Room, without breaking it. It was pretty precarious hanging out on a ladder propped up on the loose dirt on the edge of the bank.

The tack room is getting organized and is starting to look like at tack room. The extra filing cabinets that couldn’t fit in the office will make great storage for misc small things. Yes one of the filing cabinets came with a sticker that says Visa and Mastercard, and yes we do accept Visa and Mastercard, along with American Express and Discover card. We’ll try to get those stickers next.

And then, near the end of the day, Ann Mare came out and finally convinced Sierra that carrots are a good thing to eat. She is trusting Marie enough to eat them out of her hand. It’s a big step for Sierra and Ann Marie, great job guys!

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