A great update on Breezy: she is doing great in her adoptive home. Breezy came from the same Nv feedlot as the baby and mommy in yesterdays blog. They were rescued exactly, to the day, a year apart. The mommy and baby came in on March 22nd, 2006 and Breezy and the rest in her rescue group, came in March 22nd, 2007. Breezy is such a beautiful girl and we’re so glad we could save her from being slaughtered.

Today started off with Jason getting supplies for pouring concrete around the horse stock. It will be great to have it poured and finished, hopefully tomorrow. 12 sacks of 80 lb concrete can be tough. We should have a couple long distance volunteers to help us out.

After the concrete was unloaded, it was time for Sally to go to her new home. Sally will be joining another one of our rescued horses, Zara.

Zara and her handsome prince gelding, in the lead, are living a wonderful life. They enjoy running around their 5 acres, eating yummy food and going for trail rides every so often. Thanks for giving them such a wonderful home Chrisanne!

Josie, the little pony from the last auction rescue, and Nugget, who was adopted awhile ago, headed off to their new home today! It took awhile for Nugget’s transporting to be arranged, but it’s ok because her adopter fell in love with Josie too, so they got to make the trip together.

Ann Marie came out again today, help prepare twine for being wound onto the ball, and worked with Sierra. While she was tying twine together, Sierra kept looking over at her and whinnying “Hey, I’m down here!” Anna Marie and Sierra sure are becoming best friends!

Cathy and her girls came out to help us tackle the tack rooms. We got it all a lot more organized and stuff is being put away. A lot of the extra tack will be used for saving lives at the next rescue. Cathy is going to take the tack to her place, clean it up, and get it ready for the sale.

Cathy’s girls enjoyed playing with the twine ball. We were done with the tack room for the day, and so we all spent a bit of time playing with the ball o’ twine…

It was nice and neat, each string nice and tight, all being tied off as it went, but it was taking forever…

… but our efficiency engineer suggested a method that sped the whole operation up a wee bit, like, 870%. “Just wrap it all together and then tie a couple strings around the outside.” Now it’s just a twine ball gone wild. Guess this is the teenage rebellious stage of this balls life. It does weigh a whopping 20 lbs as of today! The next twining will have to be neater and tighter.

Overall a lot got accomplished today, 3 horses headed off to their new homes. Please spread the home that horses need homes!

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