Today was one of those office work days that has no interesting photo’s. Being stuck behind a computer is not glamorous or fun, but it is a vital part of rescuing horses. Appointments were made for potential adopters to see the horses. Two horses were placed in adoption pending today: Annie and Mariah. Lots of phone calls and emails were done too. It’s tough keeping up with all the contact that comes our way, but we do the best we can!

We worked hard on getting an E-news written up and sent out. If you didn’t get a copy, click here to read it. We hope you enjoy it!

One of the people making appointments forwarded a link to a blog called “The Jurga Report: Health Horse Headlines.” It has a great article about horse slaughter and what can be done to do away with this horrible activity. We think you will find the article quite interesting if you have a couple extra minutes, click here.

And, to keep everyone focused on why horses have to be rescued, here is a link to a news report done undercover by a Canadian news company. It’s a 20 minute documentary, so grab a box of tissues. It is well worth watching if you would like to see the reality of what happens in “civilized” Canada to our beloved horses. The borders need to be shut: yesterday!

This is a small blog, but that is what happens when office work gets caught up on. We did get the hay barn ordered, 3 – 4 weeks it should be here! We just have to get the land leveled for it.

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