The auction fund is now at $1597. We are almost halfway there! Thank you so much for your generosity.

We headed down to Gaiser Pets in Yuba City as they had a box of donation funds for us. We cannot thank business’ enough for setting out donation cans for us, it really adds up! Thank you Gaiser Pets! They had the most creative, cutest donation box we have ever seen, definitely an A++.

From there we headed out to get some horses from a back yard breeder. We’ve gotten a lot of horses that he takes to the Roseville Livestock Auction, mostly mustangs: bred mares, babies, etc. Sierra was the last horse that we rescued from the auction that came from his place and she was extremely emaciated. He offered to let us come buy some of his horses, for about the same price as we would pay at the auction, before he takes them to auction so we took up his offer. Come to find out, these horses are living in a junkyard! There is twisted metal, rebar sticking straight up in the air, just a horrible mess.

We were coming there to get two horses, a mare and a gelding, but then we realized that the mare had a baby of her own and had also adopted Sierra’s baby when the guy hauled Sierra off to the auction, leaving an orphan foal. Good thing this mare was wise enough to take care of the baby when the guy was not. We made an offer on the baby’s, which was denied, and after a long bickering he agreed to sell them to us at $100 each. We paid $125 for the adult horses, one of which he said was crazy (the gelding.) He got down close to Tawnee’s ear and whispered “If you weren’t buying him I would butcher him myself.” It sure made Tawnee’s blood boil!

We got the 4 horses out of the junkyard and into decent living conditions at our Gridley irrigated pasture. We unloaded three of them, but left Sierra’s baby in the trailer. We have a big surprise for Sierra!

Sierra is looking so much better than when we rescued her at the auction in July!…

…she was merely a bag of bones. By the way, the back yard breeder bred her to a paint stallion in this condition.
Sierra and baby are happily reunited now! The baby was so happy to see his mommy, he just kept whinnying and whinnying before we unloaded him. We are so happy to reunite mommy and baby.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Maybe backyard breeders that are selling their horses for $100-$150 will be pushed out of business in the current market, feed is too expensive!Oh, well I guess this guy doesn’t really feed his horses. I hope there weren’t many more around.

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