Quite a lot happened today. For starters, the auction fund is now at $1847. Thank you so much for your generosity in saving lives! Over halfway there, and still some time but it is ticking down. Oct 12th is the next auction day.

Long time volunteer Teressa came out today to volunteer wherever needed, and among lots of other things she did she got to rode a horse for the first time while volunteering. She loves riding English, and since Roan is an English horse she got to ride. She got to evaluate her as a dressage horse to see what she knew.

The abandoned dog we rescued along the road loved hanging out with Becky. She was trying to smooch a grooming as Becky is one of the best doggy groomers in the west. We named the doggie Hugs, it seems to fit her well. Despite her subtle clues, Hugs didn’t get a grooming today. Becky took the day off from dogs to spend time with horses instead.

The contractor came out today and wrapped up his part on the tack room. The roof got nailed down, Jason will be the one that lays the metal roofing down on top…

…the front door got installed and it’s looking really nice!

Beauty tried to steal a turkey sandwich off the picnic table, someone needs to let her know that horses are herbivores!

One of the highlights of the day: Hugs got a forever home! She couldn’t be smiling any bigger if she tried, and neither could the kids. She is going to be loved and pampered for sure. Rescuing dogs and getting them into homes might just be easier than horses. But, they’re not facing cruel slaughter either. We’re so glad we could get Hugs a home, a dog whose heartless owner dumped on the back road, hoping their problem would just go away and die, literally.

In between working ferociously hard, Tawnee spent a few minutes winding twine on the twine ball. All the extra twine laying around is now in the twine ball. It’s getting bigger and bigger. It seems the balls hairy days are over for now.

Deb came out and worked extremely hard evaluating, cleaning, training, and spending time with the horses. Thanks so much Deb! Deb is becoming an awesome matchmaker when it comes to matching a rescued horse to an open home.

Jason helped do some cleanup in between fixing fences and doing bookwork. The list of chores he got done just goes on and on…

One of the horses Deb evaluated today, Lallie, got adopted. This previous adopter got married this weekend and spent part of her honeymoon at the rescue, adopting her new baby. She introduced a novel concept: she says she should have gotten married at the rescue. That would be quite interesting to say the least, any takers? We have a pastor that has adopted from us and enjoys spending time at the rescue, so, we’re ready.

Finally the old tack rooms walls were taken down, Annette, Deb, Tawnee and Jason each grabbed a corner and moved it so it can provide shelter for some horses.

It looks great and the horses loved it. Not bad for $180 at Cosco a couple years ago. It has served its purpose in life very well, and it’s still providing shelter! It’s strange having it gone from its original place though, it has been there since ground was broke at the rescue.

After the old tack room was removed it was time to clean up where it sat. Lots of boards had to be moved that held saddles and blankets.

As the sun was setting the area was looking neat and tidy.

Ann Marie came out to spend some time with Sierra and her baby. Annette enjoyed saying goodnight to Sierra and Hocks, her baby, before she left. It’s the first time that Sierra has taken a carrot from someone other than Ann Marie.

Sierra is really doing good now that her baby is here. She seems happier, more content, and unless all our eyes are deceiving us, she’s gained a lot of weight recently Maybe it’s all in our imagination, but she sure seems a lot better now that her baby is back.

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