First thing this morning Jason drug himself out of bed, dressed up to do a dirty job, and got the wheel fixed on the trailer. Last time it was used some mysterious grinding noises were coming from the wheels, sounding like a bearing. Fortunately it was an easy fix and it got done in less than half an hour.

Then Jason changed into town clothes to take Lallie to her new home.

Deb came out again today to work with the horses. She is sure a very useful volunteer and member of our organization! She got several horses evaluated and got some training done. Great work Deb!

Annette and Kimmy came out today as well and cleaned stalls, did all the dirty work first, and then headed in to do adoption applications. Thanks so much for your great help! We really appreciate it. It’s not always fun cleaning stalls, but it has to be done and it sure takes a load off everyone else.

Lallie enjoyed her new home, and got to meet Hershey, another horse that was adopted from us. She is so happy in her new home!

Hershy sure is looking great these days, so clean and fat and happy. Just the way we love to see horses treated. He gets his fly mask washed and dried every night. His Mommy is the most diligent person around when it comes to keeping the hay our of his water trough. Thanks for giving Hershy such a wonderful home.

Jason headed to Home Depot to get some siding for the tack room. Once he arrived back to the rescue it had to be unloaded. Once again he changed, this time back from town clothes to work clothes. He kind of felt like a teenager that couldn’t quite figure out which outfit to wear today.

He was able to get some of the siding up and it looks great!

Nook and his Mommy headed off to their new home today. Tawnee loaded them up and delivered them this afternoon.

Nooks adoptive mommy is so thrilled to have Nook home now. She will be fostering Jai, Nooks mommy, until he is weaned. She has been driving to the rescue every few days to spend time with Nook, and it is just going to work out great to have Nook and Jai moved to her place. Thank you so much for giving Nook a great home!

Pastor Larry, the guy that may be performing weddings at the rescue (if there are any takers,) came out this evening to adopt Dinky Donkey. Larry has recently lost his donkey, Red Dog, he had owned for 15 years. Red Dog was the mascot for his ranch. Dinky Donkey will take Red Dog’s place at the ranch for the next many years. The really neat thing is, Cowgirl, Dinkey Donkey’s best friend of many years, is boarded at Larry’s stable and so Dinky and Cowgirl will get to spend time together. How cool is that!

Ok, this is the first and last mention of this voting for money things unless something extra special comes along. We’ve been asked if we would be eligible for this particular one, and the answer is Yes, we are eligible, but after the Petfinder had such troubles with their voting system we are wary of any online voting system. Especially when there is so much money involved. You are welcome to vote if you would like, click here. It seems more secure, and there are anti-vote fraud measures in place, but we do not feel called to solicit votes at this time. Feel free to check it out and spread the word if you would like. We would definitely be grateful if anything was to come of this, but we are really burnt out from online voting websites.

It is so great that equines are finding their forever homes, opening up spaces for more to be rescued at the next auction.

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