The auction rescue is currently at $1877. 12 more days to make the goal a reality!

Penny Possum was ready to go home today, so she was loaded up after Jason got his morning chores done.

Penny got her last look of the rescue and said “Goodbye!” to all her friends she had made here.

It was a long trip to the northern coast of Ca! It was almost 500 miles round trip.

Penny Possum’s mommy was so happy to see her and take her home. We met partway at a park, Penny had another hour and a half ride from where we met. People were coming up and asking about the horse and the rescue while we were unloading and re-loading Penny. It’s so great that rescued horses can be ambassadors for other horses that need rescuing.

There was a lot of neat site seeing to be done on the way back to the rescue. Little short 5 minute stops that help stretch the legs and get some new sights and sounds in. First off was the Bigfoot tourist trap. They had a bunch of really nice wood carvings, all for the $200-$500 range. For all you Shrek and Donkey fans, here he is, life size! It’s amazing it was done by a chainsaw. It turns out that the big-foot tourist stop also had a great carving of Shrek and Donkey.

This may be the next wild-lands rescue towing rig. Or not. It is quite the school bus, they must have pretty tough winters if they need that just to get the kids to school and back home again…

They claim this tree is 1000 years old. We didn’t take the time to count, we’ll go ahead and take their word for it.

It was a long trip, well after dark once all was said and done. Now all the horses are tucked away for the night waiting for the first traces of dawn to appear.

It all starts over again in a few hours.

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