The auction fund is currently at $1,897.00, almost to $2,000, hopefully someone will get it there before tomorrow’s blog!

We got a great update on Panzy. Her mommy writes: “At the end of this month it will be one year since I adopted my best friend from you. She was from the group of six month olds… I am so happy to have her and I almost wish I had gotten two at that time. She is growing up wonderfully.” Thanks for the great update and for giving her such a wonderful, loving home.

If you would like to see the video of when Pansy was rescued, click the play button below or click here to view it on Youtube. The feedlot in Fallon where these horses were rescued from has been shut down, but horses are still in danger all over.


Brianna got here early this morning to volunteer helping with the horses. Jason got the stock trailer cleaned out, it seems to get dirty inside every time we haul horses…

We got the horses ready to go to the vet, four of which were going for the Last Act of Kindness. Macho Man was taken to get his surgery done, it will be done sometime very soon. Ranger developed stringhalt once again, in the same leg he had surgery on, so he was taken in to be checked out to see what his prognosis is.

After all the horses were loaded it was Macho Man’s turn to be loaded. He enjoyed following along with Brianna to see where his next adventure was going to be.

Poor little guy, it sure is a huge leap into the trailer! It’s so far that Jason had to help lift his rear-end into the trailer. He sure is willing to please, it would just be the equivalent of a full size horse jumping onto a platform 5′ high from a standstill.

We said “Goodbye, we love you!” to each and every horse that was given the Last Act of Kindness. We are comforted in the knowledge that we were able save them from a cruel and barbaric fate, give them love and care, and then a noble, peaceful ending.

At the vet Ranger was examined, it was determined that he has damage higher up in his leg, but we are going to give him some more time to see if it works out or if it continues to worsen. Poor guy, let’s keep our hooves crossed for him!

We said Goodbye to Macho Man and wished him best of luck for his surgery. Hopefully it is 100% successful and he is able to walk pain free for many many years.

Then it was back to the rescue, with a quit stop at the Post Office to pick up the mail. We greatly appreciate your letters of loving support, and donations to help the horses. It is always exciting opening the mailbox, never quite knowing what we will find!

Ann Marie was out today spending time with Sierra and Hocks. She did a great job cleaning their pen and continued her gentling of both.

Ann Marie also donated two saddles for the auction tack fundraiser. All of the donated tack sure will help out the total auction funds and will help save horses lives.

After a long, thoughtful discussion, NorCal Equine Rescue is bringing Brianna on as one of the staff. She will be working with the horses, but her primary job will be doing office work: emails, phone calls, etc, lifting the load from Jason and Tawnee’s shoulders. There are more and more chores that are having to be done each day, and with Jason and Tawnee both working furiously to tend to the horses, office work gets neglected. Having another person working will definitely speed up response time to email and phone calls. We are hoping to have email response down to a 2 business day maximum. Thanks for joining the team Brianna!

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