Thanks to your loving generosity to save horses from slaughter, the thermometer just keeps going up up and up! You answered our call, the thermometer is handsomely over the $2,000 mark, now there is only $1450 left to go. A huge thank you to each and every one of you who generously donate to help horses in these uncertain economic times.

Among his many chores today, Jason worked on the secondary well that we first drilled. It was only rated at 1/4 gallon a minute, not enough to keep all the horses happy, but with a borrowed solar panel and a 12 volt pump, it can certainly help out! It pumped a couple hundred gallons of water today, that’s water the main well didn’t have to put out. With the big donated tank our water concerns seem to finally be resolved for this year. Being fall, soon we will have too much water falling from the skies…

Brianna’s first day at the office went very well today. It’s a huge learning curve, but she’s catching on and got 26 emails written today. She was caught a little off guard by a phone donation, but Tawnee coached her through the call and she did great!

Annette got some applications approved and one denied today. She worked very hard and got a lot done. Kassandra is available for adoption again if you are interested…

Tawnee and Brianna headed out to transport a horse. Some people fairly locally needed someone to move their semi-wild horse a few miles. Who better to call than the people that load and safely transport hundreds of horses a year? “We need a professional!” so Tawnee headed out to get it done. Tawnee has never had to leave a horse behind, out of the hundreds of horses that Norcal has rescued, Tawnee has always managed to load them. All in all it took about an hour to catch the horse and then load her into the trailer. This poor girl is insulin resistant, so she had to be moved to a drier location away from the irrigated pasture.

When she was safely in the trailer, with absolutely no stress or trauma to herself or others, Tawnee and Brianna headed off to take her to where she is being boarded.

The semi-wild horse above was taken to where Jai and Nook are living. It was great to see them again, they are doing great and they were happy to see Tawnee! They both seem well adjusted to life up there.

You see some funny things driving around, but Tawnee had to stop and take a picture of the Rattle Snake ready to strike 6′ in the air on a No Trespassing sign. Forget the owner, beware of the pet snakes! If you are concerned for the poor snakes life, it is a fake.

After delivering the semi-wild horse, Tawnee and Brianna headed over to bring an older surrendered horse who’s original owner was not caring for her properly into the rescue. Some “professional” trainer told her to feed half a flake a day. Obviously not enough food for a horse! It’s really sad when people are deceived by others, and are given false information about caring for animals. Thankfully this horse was found by some caring individuals before she died and she came to be with us. She’s gained about 100 lbs in the last month since she began receiving proper care once again.

Finally made it back to the ranch, we’ll definitely have to re-schedule our evenings as the sun just keeps setting earlier and earlier. Pretty soon it will be dark at 6:00 pm! This mare got safely tucked into a stall for her first night at the rescue.

While Tawnee and Brianna were moving horses Ann Marie came out to spend some time with Sierra and Hocks. Thanks so much for your dedication!

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  1. Yeah! Except, his name’s Christopher. 😉He let me brush and pet him a little more today – he got really excited for a while, and at first I was afraid I’d spooked him, but very soon realized he was just foaling around. He wanted to play! His mama is settling back down again. Let me brush her all over, and she’ll voluntarily touch my hand if I offer it, to see if there’s food.

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