The first rain of the season came a few hours early, so we got to prepare the rescue for the rain while in the rain. It was a nice warm rain though, so working in it was no problem. The most important was protecting the hay.

While Jason was 20′ up in the air covering the hay, Tawnee and Brianna were covering other things that had to be protected. We had put all the donated tack for the auction fund raiser around the horse stock, so it was easy to cover. Volunteer Cathy is going to be picking it up, cleaning it at her place, and then driving it down to the auction early on auction day.

The bedding had to be put under cover too. Yes, it really was warm enough that Jason didn’t even bother putting long sleeves on in the downpour.

Brianna and Tawnee got bundled up for the rain storm, and after everything was covered and out of the rain they started sorting the two giant boxes that came in the mail today.

Horse.com had a free shipping promotion, and so we got some much needed supplies. We’ve been needing buckets for some time, we’ve been using soap buckets, small pails, and whatever else we could find to use, but now we have color co-ordinated buckets. Red buckets are for sick horses, black buckets are for healthy horses. With free shipping we just could not buy buckets any cheaper anywhere else.

Black lead ropes look the best in pictures we’ve found and will match up great with any color halter.

Finally everything was organized and put away where it belongs in the nice dry tack-room. We have color co-ordinated halters too: Red = small / foal, Lime = Yearling, Black = Medium, Blue = Large and we have 1 Draft halter, hunter green, not shown. We could always use more halters that match this color criteria if you are feeling extra special generous today. Just a reminder that Horse.com, which is Country Supply, has a program that gives 5% of the total order to your favorite rescue. Just use our care code when ordering: SaveTheHorse. We receive hundreds of dollars a year, and it doesn’t cost the people buying their favorite horse items a penny.

We put the new buckets to work right away. So much nicer than going on a bucket hunt every day.

The poor girl, named Hope, that was surrendered yesterday really needs a lot of love and groceries (groceries is horse slang for hay, grain and supplements.)

Hope is quite skinny, but with the love and care she will get here at the rescue she should be looking great soon.

Jason fed in the rain for the first time in quite a few months. A lot less dust, that’s for sure! (We usually don’t write about the future in our blog, but in the coming months our enthusiasm for the rain will no doubt diminish…)

The hay is covered, it sure will be nice when the barn is delivered and raised! Next week we should be getting the tractor work done, and get all ready for it. We can’t hardly wait!

Have a great weekend. Please take a moment to think of the horses at the upcoming auction, it’s only a week plus 2 days away, we still need some more funds to meet our goal of $3500.

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