There was a very generous donation of $1,000 towards the auction rescue made this weekend. The donors chose to remain anonymous because sadly there are angry people, such as killer buyers and others that wish to hinder our rescue efforts, contacting our donors, demanding they stop donating. Our efforts at saving horses from a brutal end at a slaughter house must be doing a lot of good if some people are this upset. Thank you for all your support, and we do keep your donations anonymous if you wish. As you know we list first names and last initial for donors unless you have a business you would like promoted as being a leader in equine welfare philanthropy. We only need $395 to meet our goal of $3500! Read on for an idea of the amount of tack we will be selling to save lives too… Hopefully this fundraiser can be finished by next blog!

This morning was a beautiful morning, bright, clean and beautiful. It was so nice to have the rain during Friday night.

Jason enjoyed feeding this morning, it was for once in a great while not too hot or dusty. The hay stack is definitely shrinking, we are hoping to have the new hay barn up before we have to buy a new load of hay.

Sally was doing another bare foot clinic today. Yet more instruction on how to pull shoes and care for horses hooves naturally. She got here early and got right to work. Tina was the first horse to get her hooves done.

Then a student showed up and helped do several more horses. It is so great to have this opportunity for people to learn, and for the rescued horses to get top quality hoof care at the same time. We cannot thank Sally enough for organizing these clinics and donating all her time to keep the horses hooves healthy.

We have some sad news about Ranger. He has developed stringhalt in his left rear leg, so now he has stringhalt severely in both hind legs. We are making an appointment with the vet to get the poor guy checked out. It is extremely difficult for him to move around now. We tried so hard to help this sweet boy. He’s had the surgery, everything that can be done was done for him, but nothing seems to be helping.

Two horses came back to the rescue today. We always want to find our rescued horses forever homes, but if the match is not working out, we always want the horses to come back so we can be assured of giving them their second chance at finding a forever home

Perky came back today. His adoptive mommy loves him to death, but they do a lot of trailering for trail rides, and the poor guy was just too big for their trailer and they can’t afford a bigger trailer for Perky. He is an absolute sweetheart and was very well loved and cared for. They said he’s a great trail horse and the best horse in the world, but they just can’t afford a bigger trailer.

Aquarius also came back today as well. When he was adopted, he had some lameness signs off and on, we told the adopters to let us know how it goes and obviously he would be welcome back. After a month and a half he was still having lameness issues, so he has come back. We are going to take him to our vet to see what is giving this poor boy soreness and discomfort.

Some volunteers came out and helped out today as well. Larry helped get the tack room sided.

It was great to have some extra help, it is sure great to have the tack room all sided and looking great!

Teresa was out today and she helped sort the tack that is going to be sold at the auction.

Beauty was adopted today. She is going to a great home and will be a companion for a 26 year old gelding who recently lost his buddy.

Beauty was loaded up in the trailer and she was really excited to see what the future holds! They are planning on finishing up her training and then she’ll be a youth horse.

Regal found his forever home as well with Misy and her family. A previous adopter recommend that she adopt a rescued horse instead of buying one. We’re glad that she found her perfect match here! He’ll be the patriarch for a couple young horses who need a wise leader.

Deb was out and got a couple horses evaluated today. It was a hectic day almost all day, so she only got a little bit of evaluating in after everything settled down.

Brianna did a great job copying down all the information as the horses were being evaluated. She did all the adoption paperwork and was very useful as she gets more and more tuned in to her job.

Cathy and her girls came out to get load #2 of tack to be cleaned and taken down to the auction. There was one armful after another that went into the van. Now she has the hard part of cleaning it all!

Quite the van full! She is planning on making two trips down to the auction to get all the tack down there.

Ann Marie, who has gently requested that Hocks be named Christopher instead, made a great breakthrough with Chris today. Christopher discovered how wonderful it feels to be scratched and massaged by a human. He just couldn’t get enough of it…

After the human massage was done, he got some more from his mommy. It was so cute, they gently nuzzled each other and are so happy to be together. It was no doubt so scary for Christopher to be separated from his mommy at 3 months of age when his mommy was sent to the auction without him. It is so wonderful we were able to rescue him and they can be together.

After the nuzzling was done it was time for a good night snuggle.

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